Morning by Morning

47825e8d6761f23451597b6b5c8bd056As I start to focus on this year ending I am reflecting on various things such as being a little off track.  I don’t like being off track so getting back on is always a good thing for me.  I realize sometimes I messed up. I’ve made mistakes and I felt bad because I have missed the mark completely.   I may have gotten off track, lost focus or lost my balance. Sometimes it happened at work, sometimes it was at home and other times at church.  I’ve  set spiritual goals, personal goals and life goals trying to be both purposeful and intentional.  I start off good saying I will read and study more, pray more, watch what I eat, give more, serve others more. I will  take time out for God, take time out for me, take time out for others and so forth.  Each time I ‘ve gotten off track  I learned a lesson about living on pitch.  When I am off track on the job, off track with my health and wellness, off track with my relationships I must check how I am living and how much I am giving.  I have learned  my mistakes & mess ups are all based on the issues of life.  I’ve learned a few lessons this year from the issues of life unfolding.  For me, living on pitch involves full-time commitments, devotion to God and discipline.  It doesn’t mean perfection.  It doesn’t mean I won’t ever fall off track or lose focus at times when life happens.   It just means I thank God He restores my soul.  It means I thank God for brand new mercies every morning.  It means I do not lose heart.  Now that’s what I call Living on Pitch.



Not Too Big

Do you ever think of just how big our God is?  God is bigger, greater, mightier, stronger, deeper than anything or anyone. He is larger than extra-large, more than super size, and completely God alone.  I like to think big but sometimes I forget how to do that when it comes to God and my situations, problems or circumstances.  I think extra small, mini and bite size about a big God. I start to think small and talk small too, like there is no one to talk to,  no one hears or understands what I may be going through.  I’ve learned  when rejection hurts and the pain is real, I must talk to God about it because only He can heal.  No matter if it’s something big or small , God loves it when I talk to Him. I thank God for His big ears, big hands and  big heart.  I am better because God is not too big.   I don’t ever have to wonder if He is the right size for my current situation.