When Eight is Enough

Psalms 34:1:


My work day usually consist of eight hours but often it’s a little more.  Even when it’s time for me to quit, these eight words don’t. They work overtime, all the time and every time I feel like eight is enough.  When I’m overwhelmed, tired, discouraged or mentally drained I can say, I will bless the Lord at all times to help me stay on pitch.   You can too.  Try quoting this verse each hour of your day today and see if it helps you.  Ready, set, quote and repeat. Let me know how it goes for you by leaving a comment.




Daily Heart Check

music notes heartI looked at my calendar and it says February is heart month in America.  I read Psalm 24 and saw a heart check right in the Word of God.  Verses 1-10 speak of the King of Glory and God’s kingdom.  It’s a royal Psalm.  I asked God to give me clean hands and a pure heart. I would rather grow in the faith than compete in the faith. Competition in Christianity is hard on the heart and makes it hard to live on pitch.  I don’t want to ask for blessings without seeking God’s face and without even knowing who is the King of Glory. The Bible says the Lord is strong and mighty, the Lord is mighty in battle.  I can lift up my head and keep my heart in check just knowing that He is the King of Glory.

Are you growing in the faith or competing in the faith?



Reality Shows

Like the stone feature on either side of the TV. Something like this for our little wall in the entryway?:

I recently wrote down these words from a sermon preached from my beloved pastor who said, “we can’t fake getting into heaven.”   It struck a chord with me and got me thinking of reality shows  and celebrities which we sometimes define as being fake.  If we choose to admit it, we can be honest and say most of us have at least one reality show we like to watch or will tolerate being on  TV.   I don’t watch a lot of TV but I have been drawn into the lives of other people by some reality shows.  Whether I was flipping through the channels or just waking up to find  a show already on, something or someone, a design, or some exotic place, or cool location captured my interest and I wanted to see more.  I was drawn in to someone else’s life. I ‘ve watched shows like The Voice, Project Runway, Bring It and more recently the Rap Game.   People say you can have your own reality show of your life and the truth is most of us already do.  Our everyday lives are real.  We are broadcasting live shows daily.  We have temporary and  sometimes permanent drama, fears and tears, laughter and love, joy and pain. We also have family and friends,  healthy and unhealthy competitions,  success and failures.    This is my reality, it’s a real life of trying to live on pitch and stay in tune with God through the everyday challenges of balancing work life, church life, healthy eating, fostering relationships, keeping my home organized, spending time with family and friends,  growing spiritually while writing and reading books.  I try to take care of business and stay on track.  I have good and bad days. I hope my reality shows other people we can go through life in every season living on pitch. It’s not going to be a perfect life or an easy road but  we can make it by staying connected to God who give us strength each day. There will be days of  drama, fears and tears, joy, pain, laughter and love. God already knows and He cares about our everyday life because  we matter to Him.

How are you living on pitch? What are your favorite reality shows?

Let me hear from you!




Show & Tell


The Bible is a show and tell book.  Every time I read it, God shows something that I can apply to my daily life. I am able to tell of the goodness of God no matter what I go through.    As I study about praying the scriptures and ask God to teach me how to pray, I am reminded that God gives me exactly what to say and what to pray.  Here is a great scripture to pray to help us stay on pitch.  This is my prayer today.

Psalms 19:14 Let the Words of my mouth by CaliforniaRustic on Etsy:


Two Words of Encouragement

Today’s two words are: BE INTENTIONAL

It takes an effort to go from I should to I will.  What things are you intentional about?  Go ahead and speak it, calendar it, or plan it, but most of all do it.

Here’s my short list I’ve started on being intentional:  “I will focus on being more considerate of others, listening to others, and make an effort to inspire positive change in others.”

Let’s start being more intentional today!