It’s All God

71b07f1a8ee690ee43f911f1e7c6fdb5About a year ago, I  went to the doctor for a specific health issue.  I had to have a minor surgical procedure as a result and thought everything would be just fine, so I thought.  The doctor told me I had to be put on medication right away because I had another issue going on.  It was a bad combination of D words that kept playing over in my mind.  I heard the diagnosis,  had to change my diet, felt devastated and depressed then the came the big one…diabetes.  It was a shock to hear I had an illness.  I had to lose weight. I  had to face the truth and deal with this new reality.  I worked hard to become more educated, eat right and started to incorporate  more exercise in my life.  I am no longer depressed about it and I have good and bad days but I remain focused on living a healthier lifestyle.  I learned a lesson through this diagnosis.  It led me to make a decision to trust God to see me through every challenge I face.  I, of course had to do some things differently  but God didn’t.  He was already doing the same thing.  God was still being God.  God was still in control so I knew I could trust Him to be unchanging and unfailing. It’s a daily decision to trust Him with my health issues and my actions.  God knows the plan and the purpose so I must trust it’s all working out for my good.

Nobody Likes Me

1c7638b65dadab1774916664d6054a07  The other day I helped my nephew with a school project.  It was a last-minute request and I had to use my creative thinking skills.  I was hungry and just got home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was learn how to make something out of cardboard boxes and newspapers.  We thought and created, we worked diligently to get a finished product both of us could be satisfied with.  After our work was done, my nephew expressed so much joy because I helped him create and design his project.  He thanked me for giving him a boost.  He was ready for school and full of confidence.  He wasn’t worried anymore about not being picked to work on a team for the project.   I reminded him he was always on God’s team.  He thanked me for spending time during the week with him and also thanked me for my help.  My nephew taught me a lesson on giving thanks that night.  I learned  to thank God for the boost He gives me whenever I spend time with Him.  I learned to thank God for being my help when I have feelings of being left out, unwanted, not good enough and all alone.  I learned to thank God for choosing me and for His daily presence in the midst of my cardboard and newspaper life. God created and designed me. God likes me, but more importantly God loves me.

I Just Can’t Get It All Done

I got up with good intentions.  I started the day with my daily devotion and quiet time with God.  I had a goal in mind and one goal only: be productive.  My bar was raised high and  I was about to check off a list of things I’d accomplished.  The day was going to be a good one and I could feel it in my bones.  I got to work and forgot my badge for the elevator. My productivity excitement level decreased, then  I found it was buried in the bottom of my bag and the level of excitement increased again.  My computer was on and I went on my way to being highly productive and achieving great things.  The phone started to ring, e-mails came flooding in and text messages were flying back and forth.  Interruptions continue like the commercials on tv.  I look at the clock and it was time for lunch already.  My list of things to do was staring back at me. Where was I and what had I accomplished? Not too much really but I focused on the task in front of me.  Productivity is not always measured by how much I check off a list, sometimes it’s measured by how  much I rely on God’s power.  I start over again, get quiet, say a prayer and write Proverbs 19:21 out on a post it note, to keep going.  I work with the intention to fulfill God’s purpose not with the intention to check everything off the list.

Proverbs 19:21 (ESV) Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.





5 Things I Don’t Need

It’s time to throw out some things I don’t need, part ways and let go.  I keep asking myself why do I keep holding on to old stuff if I am a new creature? I love how this scripture reminds me to put off things I don’t need.

Colossians 3:8-9 NKJV says but now you yourselves, are to put off all these:

Anger, Wrath, Malice, Blasphemy, Filthy Language out of your mouth. Do not lie to one another, since you have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge to the image of Him who created him.



Fits & Faith

simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h0f287b3dbd6e91e04ca7d9d501904a95I recently lost my fitbit device that I normally wear to track my steps.  I feel  like something is a little off  because I can’t keep track of my steps through the device.  I really don’t want to have a fit about it  but my wrist feels naked and my little reminder to get up and walk is basically out of sight and out of mind.    Truthfully speaking just because I am not wearing the band, it hasn’t stopped me from walking and taking some steps. While I may not be taking the 10,000 steps recommended I am still taking steps everyday.  Sometimes I feel like I need to have a fit over faith. I don’t always have the faith of a mustard seed. I get discouraged and things feel a little off track when I can’t see how it will all work out for my good. While my fitbit can’t track my faith, God can and He does.  So I must keep believing.  I must keep the faith every step of the way.  Steps of faith are occurring daily as we walk through storms and issues of life, as we walk through valleys of the shadow of death, as we walk humbly with our God, as we walk in the newness of life, as we walk not according to the flesh, and as we walk in the light.  I’ve come to realize all my steps are ordered by God. I don’t have to wear a band to remind me of that.  It’s just good to know God is keeping track of my steps of faith. I can’t lose with Him so I am encouraged to keep walking by faith and not by sight.