In Case You Missed It



ICYMI is a popular acronym used these days for updates, news flashes, rewind, etc.  I missed watching my show The Voice, but saw the highlights on the website.  I missed the political  news about Hillary and Donald, but caught up by reading CNN’s website , I missed that cute family photo my friend posted but Facebook updated me.  I even missed church on Sunday but got updated by members and listened to the sermon through online replay.   Please don’t miss this: God doesn’t miss anything we go through in life.  He doesn’t need a recap, doesn’t need to see it again, or revisit anything.  He is everywhere, knows everything  and has all power.  I realized my  best resource for ICYMI is the Bible.  I have missed a lot.  Somehow I keep missing the mark, I feel like I am missing God sometime. I feel like my spiritual acronym should be YYMIA for yeah, you missed it again. But thank God for being the same, yesterday, today and forever.  The Bible is better than social media sites, news feeds, entertainment websites or any app on my phone.  God gives constant updates and reminders in the Bible to recap, go back, hear it again, listen to His voice then keep on doing what it says.


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