A Strong Warning

I’ve heard many people declare someone was acting high and mighty and were extremely  irritated by their behavior.  A high and mighty attitude will bring you low real quick.  This is not the way I want to act as a believer.  I  must be careful of not coming off as too high and mighty in my speech, my walk with God or my attitude in relating with others.  The Bible tells me the only one who is high and mighty is our God according to Psalm 89:13.  This scripture grounds me and reminds me of who God is. There is no comparison to my God who is strong, high and mighty.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me remember who you are.  Your arms are mighty and your hand is high and strong. Keep me humble and grounded where I truly belong. high-mighty

Wait For It


In my last post early this month, I wrote about God always answering prayer.  Well, I am a living on pitch witness today, that God still answers prayer.  I have been praying about a family matter, rather several matters, most of which have caused me to wait for answers but God answered one of my prayers recently.  I am so grateful I had to wait for it.  I’m so glad God doesn’t do spoiler alerts.  His answers to my prayers are always worth the wait. I’m giving thanks with a grateful heart.  Be encouraged and just keep praying!

Psalm 40:1 ESV  I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry.


Two Words of Encouragement

Today’s two words are ANSWERED PRAYER

God always answers prayer!   Whether it’s a yes, no, or wait God answers when we ask.  How easy is it to just ask? Well, the bible says to ask in prayer and faith believing.  I can testify because I’ve asked and God answered.  I haven’t always got the answer I thought but God always answers prayer.  Whenever I ask without doubting that He knows what’s best for me, I receive an answer that’s best for me.  Sometimes the answer is yes my  daughter, sometimes it’s no my daughter and sometimes it’s hold on and wait a minute, a month or a year my daughter.    God knows which doors to open and which ones to close.  God knows my heart and all of it’s desires.  He knows all of yours too so just ask Him believing that His answers are exactly what’s best for you.