Wrapping It Up

Have you ever heard the words “that’s a wrap?” The year 2016 is almost a wrap. The holiday season is over, the new year is approaching. As I begin to look back and reflect on my life I wonder did I make a difference, did I give my all? Did I let things that went viral cause me to spiral? I’ve had some viral moments of internal thoughts in my head blowing things out of proportion, I’ve made mistakes and poor decisions, I’ve spoken words that I can’t take back. I’ve had some distractions and disappointed myself and others. I have had successes and failures for sure this year. I have fallen down and gotten back up. I have lived both on and off pitch.  I trust God and I know all too well that living purposefully on pitch for Him has everything to do with trusting and believing.  He is in every moment with me and still in control even when  I am spiraling out of control. To stay in tune with the Master I must keep going, keep trying, keep believing.  I pray that God will allow me another chance next year to do better and keep living purposefully on pitch because I certainly want to. How are you wrapping up the year? What are some of your takeaways? 

What’s On Your Plate?

I saw a commercial that asked a simple question to the audience of “what’s in your wallet?”  Today I have a different question for you and that is what’s on your plate? As I ate lunch I thought about how to live on pitch with so much on my plate.  I’m learning to take a few things off my plate. Specifically my worry plate has become full, but God’s word always reminds me not to worry about anything. My health issues, family concerns, job issues, personal issues and financial concerns are nothing to worry about. God will take care of me so I have nothing to fear. I have learned to pray for wisdom over worrying and use a smaller plate with compartments! The sections on the divided plate means only so much can fit in one compartment at a time, so there is no overload. I’ve learned that too many full plates can lead to empty and unsatisfied hearts. I don’t want to be so full that I’m no use to anyone. If I am too full I get stuck and can’t move or make progress.  My simple prayer is Lord, I desire to live on pitch for you on a full supply of your love, grace and mercy not full of fear, doubt or worry. Help me release and let go of things, help me to make progress. Help me not to take on too much so that I get stuck. Give me life, teach me your ways and fill me with wisdom. Amen

Now it’s your turn to answer the question, what’s on your plate? How full is it and what can you remove from it?

Let Your Light Shine

I started decorating for Christmas over the weekend.  I pulled out boxes of table decor, Christmas tree bulbs, ribbons and garland, and of course lights.  As my nephews and I worked together on the lights outside, I couldn’t help but think of Jesus.  We’d just sang Jesus the Light of the World in our corporate worship services and I was still humming that tune in my head.  The street was completely dark right in front of the house because the street light has been out for a few months. No one on the end of our block had turned on their Christmas lights.  We were so excited to light up the end of the block just a little bit with our Christmas lights.  As we checked some of our lights worked others did not. Strings of lights came on and other stringed lights remained off.  There were all sort of lights in the box, old and new  some were barely shining while others were brightly shining. A few neighbors began to come outside and see what was going on and some even watched as we hung the lights.  It was amazing to see how a twinkle of a light drew people out, made them smile and take notice.  I felt like it was just like God to allow us to show the gift of light to our little part of the neighborhood.  Now even if that one street light doesn’t come back on I was reminded that God’s light is always shining on us.  Sometime our lives can be just like a string of lights in a Christmas box.  Life can get tangled and untangled.  Life can be dim at times or shine brightly.  We can have missing pieces and still work, live and play.  Jesus is the Light of the World and  Scripture reminds us,  to let our light shine so God may be glorified in Matthew 5:16.  I hope to be a light this Christmas, how about you?  I’d like to hear from you, in what ways will you be a light in a dark world or even a dark street?