Practice What You Preach

How many times have we heard it said to practice what you preach?  In the book of   James I am constantly reminded of this. Be a doer not just a hearer. Today I choose to be an example for others.  I choose to live for Christ in a godly way.  I choose to make sure I am being filled with the spirit and not just thrilled by it.  In what ways do you choose to practice what you preach? 





Let It Go


I Corinthians 13 reminds me that love keeps no record of wrong.  I pondered this passage of scripture and asked myself, what records have I been storing up on the hard drive of my heart?  Can I create more room to love? I think so, according to the Bible. It’s time to delete some things and let go!

Prayer: Dear Lord, delete  messages I try to keep on file, give me a big eraser and remove the tendency to rewind tapes that replay hurt feelings, anger, hatred and fear.  Soften my heart to love the way you love. Amen.

Lost & Found

img_4723This was a busy weekend for me. It was busy and beautiful at the same time which sounds a little crazy to me.  I was surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things all weekend long.  Over the weekend I discovered my love for music again.  I found myself lost in several songs, jamming to beats I heard before and some I had not heard.  I thank God for allowing me to take time to slow down and appreciate so many of the gifts all around me. Gifts of being loved and sharing God’s love, spending precious time with family, meeting new people, and watching beautiful waves crash against rocks.  There is so much beautiful music in my life and I must slow down to hear it, appreciate  it and love it.  Listening to music and singing, always lifts me so I lost the busy and found the beauty.  I discovered I must not get so busy I can’t sing a song or sing along.  My love for music  runs deep within my heart.  God’s beauty surrounds me, and I could sing of His love forever.  What song might you sing to encourage yourself in the Lord today or make someone’s day beautiful?

Weekend Wisdom


Everyone should have  a protection plan.   I recently made a purchase and the salesperson asked if I wanted to buy a protection plan. I quickly declined the offer.  I was aware of my risk in making the purchase. I thought about it later relative to my own spiritual walk with God. I had to ask myself:  Are you aware of the risks you take in sharing the Gospel?  Do you understand what it cost to live holy and acceptable unto God?  I must realize and recognize God as my source.  I am fully covered and protected as His child.  God is my only protection plan.  I must activate my faith in believing prayer and acknowledge God covers me and keeps me.  Here is my protection prayer for the weekend from the book of Psalms.

Psalm 16:1 (NIV) Keep me safe O God, for in you I take refuge.



Perfect Timing

I have good news today and that is, you and I will never have to wonder about timing issues with God. God never ask questions like we ask. You ever ask yourself  these questions: where did the time go? , how long will it take? How will I get it all done?” I certainly have.  I recently watched a time management video where the instructor encouraged viewers to be good stewards of the time we have.  I was inspired to do a little better and live a little wiser. God knows my time is not my time, my days are numbered and my life is in His hands. God, who is the author of time never worries about managing His time or getting it all done because He is boundless. I am constantly amazed by God’s perfect timing in my life. Just like a plane, sometimes I am delayed but when God says it’s time to take off, His plans for me are always on time and the landings are always perfect. God makes up for what I might view as lost time. The Bible says God is not slack concerning His promise in 2 Peter 3:9. I found out He is the only true manager of time.  Tell me do you see God’s timing as perfect in your life? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. 

 Word Up 

Have you checked your heart lately? Do you know how to keep from dying spiritually? Do you want to be purpose driven and live on pitch? These are the hard questions I sat and asked myself one day. It wasn’t easy because  I knew I had heart problems. I decided to do a check up on my heart through God’s word and I found I could and should make some changes.  Getting heart healthy according to God’s word was a good decision for me. What questions must you ask yourself to check up on your heart?  I’m learning I have to Word up often to allow God to soften my hard heart. I must take time to examine myself through the Word of God and look closely in the mirror. The Bible says in James 3:14-16 If you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such wisdom does not come down from heaven but is earthly,unspiritual, demonic. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. 

Prayer: Lord help me check my harbor today and put away things that are not like you. Clean me up from the inside out and help me make wise decisions. Amen

A New Start


Last month it was all about the new year, new goals, new beginnings and new adventures too.  As I look back over the beginning of the this month, some of my own new starts have already stopped.  I realize I need to be courageous for some of the new things I have on my list. I need to let go of some fears, some doubts, some anxiety.   I said to myself, out with the old and in with the new. However, I was quickly reminded that the same old courage it took me to meet desired goals previously, is what I needed to start over.  I had a talk with myself.  I spoke honestly to me saying “don’t you dare give up, don’t you throw away your courage, your do better attitude, or your no excuses mindset.”  It takes courage to be more disciplined (slow it down), to turn away from (say no), and to stay focused (live healthy).   So I began again by taking baby steps. Starting over starts with courage and I am going to use that same old courage from before to lift me up out of the pit of discouragement.  The bible says over and over to be of good courage.  I was strengthened as  I read Psalm 31:24 King James Version (KJV)

24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Prayer: Lord help me be courageous no matter what, because my hope is in You. Thank you for always loving me and for being there every time I am discouraged, feel like giving up and have to start over. Give me peace and persistence in Jesus name, Amen.