Busy Bees

busy bee

Have you ever found yourself being busy but doing nothing?  You ever been full of ideas and goals but not really accomplishing them?  I can be honest and tell you that I have.  I have come to realize spinning wheels don’t go anywhere, they just spin.  It’s time to get clear about those goals and start doing what you said you were going to do. That’s my little speech to myself today.   Life can get so busy and we end up just being busy and that’s all.  No filters here, I’m feeling a little stagnant. This is not a good feeling.  I trust God so I’m asking Him for help to accomplish certain goals.  I ask God for wisdom to go confidently in the right direction.  I’m asking God for clarity and also for a disciplined heart.  I ask God to remove my fears and doubts that surface from time to time. I am asking God for His purpose to be fulfilled in my life.  I ask God to show me the way and remove distractions.   I don’t really  want to be stuck in the same old busy place with a lot of action and no activity, no fruit, no evidence of the hand of God moving.  I must pray about this and dedicate myself to doing what is required.  I desire to live purposefully on pitch for God and to do His will.  Do you ever feel too busy or stagnant in life?  How do you get unstuck?  How do you focus to accomplish your goals?  Share your thoughts and let’s pray for each other.



Going Somewhere

Recently I spent time away at a lovely resort.  The grounds were perfectly landscaped, lots of cars were being valet parked by attendants, people were relaxing and playing golf, taking dips in the various pools, enjoying spa treatments and casually strolling through the shops in the plaza.  I could tell it was a very nice place to relax and I imagined many would  think of this place as heaven.  I  sat still and thought about heaven as I listened to the birds singing and felt the breeze blowing  through my room’s windows. Heaven is not a resort I thought.  While the property was  beautiful, large and well kept, it was not heaven.  There are no resort fees in heaven, no taxes and no self or valet parking options. This resort did not even compare to heaven.  While I enjoyed the amenities and took time to relax, I think heaven is a much better place  than any resort I could get away to.   I look forward to going to heaven to jump in a pool of praise and adoration to the King of King’s and Lord of Lords.   It’s what I live for. Don’t you want to go?


Singing Out Loud


I love to watch the show The Voice. I especially like the segments where the coaches help the singers and encourage them to use everything in them to perform their song on stage.  We sing a song at church that says I will bless the Lord ,oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name.  When I think about all that is within me, that means everything inside of this forty-something soul.  My joy has to bless His name, my sorrow has to bless His name, my heart and my mind have to bless His name. I may not be on stage performing but I am going to sing out loud because God has done so many great things. How loud are you singing the song God placed in your heart? Let all that is within you give God praise today.

Building Up

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I have two words for you today and they are build up!  So many people are being torn down these days.  The Bible says we are to esteem others better than ourselves. As I  grow in my walk with Christ, I’m learning how to live on pitch.  I learned Christians don’t chop up, they build up.  We must not be influenced by television, radio, music and the language spoken throughout the day.   There are so many images that are negative and it’s easy to be influenced by ungodly people and the world’s view but I encourage you to find someone to build up today.  I want to be more like Christ today.   Here are just a few small ways I will do just that:

  1. Be kind
  2. Share a smile
  3. Say thank you
  4. Give someone a compliment
  5. Tell  someone good job
  6. Let people know I’m praying for them

Note To Self


Do you ever make mental notes?  Do you tell yourself things to do?  It’s important to have reminders as I often feel like too many things are going through my mind and my brain feels overloaded.  I love this scripture in Psalm 37:5  (NLT) which says Commit everything you do to the Lord, Trust him and he will help you.  I need this scripture as a daily reminder and note to self.   Note to self: Commit everything not just some things. What scripture notes can you make to yourself today?

What Time Is It?

music note clock

The time changed over the weekend.  I set my clock on my microwave forward.  I set two alarms so I wouldn’t be late for church on Sunday morning. I was never one to really love springing forward.  I’ll admit I  love to fall back and kick back.  I realize that this time change gets to me every year the same way.  It always takes me a little minute to adjust to it.  My body clock says one thing but that daylight says another.  I think I have time to do one more thing.  I start taking my time because it’s still light out and then I realize, time is moving and I don’t have as much time as I thought.  The time change always reminds me of my relationship with God. Am I springing forward in my walk with Him or falling back?

Even when the time changes God doesn’t.  I am thankful that God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

I may have lost an hour but God hasn’t lost one minute of being unfailing in His love, grace and mercy.  I am thankful that God’s grace is still Amazing and His mercies are new every morning.

I may have run a little late, but God’s timing is always perfect.  I am thankful that God’s clock says from everlasting to everlasting.

What time is it in your life?  What are you thankful for today?