To See or Not To See

I attended Vision Sunday recently at my church and was excited about the New Year and having another opportunity to serve in Ministry. Speaking of vision, I got a new study Bible. I finally broke down to get a large print edition because my vision has changed. I was having a hard time seeing the words in my Bible clearly. I’m happy to purchase the new Bible but I couldn’t help to notice the small print on the the outside cover that says it’s a “Large Print” Bible edition. I opened it and it’s definitely large print on the inside. This new Bible taught me an old lesson. It’s not about the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I am not judging this book by its cover! This week I pray for clear vision. I pray for godly character to live on the inside despite what I look like on the outside. I pray for wisdom to see what God sees and accept what He has for my life. I pray God will keep me living purposefully on pitch.



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