Feeling Burnt Out

When you’re experiencing burnout it does not mean you leave God out. Resting in God is better than wrestling against Him. Philippians 4 reminds us to stand firm in the Lord, rejoice in the Lord, don’t worry about anything, think and dwell on praiseworthy things, let God’s peace guard our hearts, and allow Him to strengthen us in all we do. If you’re feeling tired, burnt out and need to take a break on the job, at school, in ministry, or even on your own personal mission don’t leave God out because I’ve learned that’s when you’ll really feel the burn.

Prayer: Lord I am nothing without you. Give me strength to continue in Jesus name and for His sake. Amen

Simple Prayers


It’s another busy week but here I am. Desperate for God to help me live on pitch.  My story is the same. Stay in tune with the Master.   My agenda for this week is simple.

Keep Praying.

Monday: Lord keep me day by day. Especially this day.

Tuesday: Lord, be my strength and help me to keep on going, especially today.

Wednesday: Lord thank you for loving me, especially today.

Thursday: Lord, help me trust you in every area of my life, especially today..

Friday: Lord thank you for being there for me always, especially today.

Celebrating Without A Party

I recently celebrated a birthday. I am so thankful for another year. I received lots of birthday wishes on social media , text messages and phone calls. It was a good day but not an over the top kind of day. Not the kind of day where you feel extra special and loved on by everyone. There wasn’t a big party in my honor, no fancy restaurant to have dinner with friends. There were no party favors, but there was favor from God. There was no cake or ice cream but there was a sweet fellowship with God. I had love from God and plenty of reminders of it. I was reminded when I woke up that God loved me enough to let me see another day. I graciously received the gift of new mercy. I was reminded of how much God loved me. I received the gift of life by being in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 36:5-9 got me thinking of how to celebrate without a party. I was reminded of God’s steadfast love, how precious it is along with His faithfulness and His light. I was reminded of how much God delights. For this party of one to an audience of One it felt like a grand celebration. No fancy venue, no special dessert or large group of friends were needed. All I needed to celebrate another year of life was God’s love and His presence. Share with me how you celebrate your special days?

Out With The Old

I have been doing some spring cleaning which I think I started a little late.  It feels good to purge things that are no longer being used or get rid of old and unwanted items that just seem to collect dust on my shelves.  I am starting to feel like I need to make room for something.  I am not quite sure what it is yet, but I will keep on purging.  I sang  these words  in church recently  “my storage is empty and I am available to you” and it reminded me to think about the life God has given me and how I want to give back to Him.  I need to ask the Holy Spirit to just clean and empty out the internal closet and dust off the shelves.  I can’t let sin settle in or pride trap me in. It amazes me how God controls the pouring in as I do the emptying out.  I love 1 John 1:9 (ESV) which says if we confess our sins God is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  God’s word promises that He will fill us, strengthen and renew us. 

Prayer: Dear Lord, clean out my cabinets of sin, remove fear and doubt, cleanse me, and wash me  inside and out. Release me from the stuff that holds me back, the old and messy things that try to hide inside my heart. Purify me Lord and make me to be what you would have me to be. Amen

Preparation for Celebration

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here and I have missed my blogging time. I pray you have been living on pitch. It’s been about 30 days of preparation for a celebration, so there is no gloom in my June. I am a happy camper. Over the past month I’ve watched families and friends gather to celebrate Jr. and Sr. proms, graduations, accomplishments and the beginning of new chapters unfold.  It’s a blessing to share in so many celebrations. Preparing for the celebration isn’t that easy though. Navigating through timelines and schedules requires keeping everybody and everything on track. As I look at my life that’s all I’m doing is preparing for a celebration. I’m trying to stay on track & live on pitch. Whether it’s 30 days at a time or 30 minutes at a time, heaven is what I live for. I long to celebrate Jesus as the Lord and Savior who gave His life just for me.  Lord, prepare me is my prayer today. 

Here’s one way to prepare shown in the photo below. Now tell me how do you prepare for a celebration? 

Say My Name

People like to hear their name called. Recognition for a job well done at work, in church, or anywhere always feels good to have your name mentioned.  God deserves to hear His name called out by us and there is nothing wrong with saying the name Jesus. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow.   I recognize God’s name is above every name but I don’t always let Him hear me say it out loud. When was the last time you said God’s name and recognized Him for who He is?  There is something about the name Jesus, so today I choose to open my mouth and call out His name. I will  verbally acknowledge that God’s name is worthy to be praised.

Prayer: God you are everything to me.  I thank you for being a  Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace. Thank you for being an Everlasting Father, the Great I Am, the Holy One. You are my Master, Savior, Friend, and my King.  You are my Keeper, the Alpha & Omega, the Giver of Life, Jehovah, and Lord of all. You are my Healer, my strength and my song. You are my eternal Hope and I love you. Amen.


No Superheroes


Today I choose to remove my cape.   You know the one I’m talking about.  The Superwoman cape.  The rescue and relief cape that says you can do it all.  I have learned to be more aware of how to experience the joy of the Lord.  If I am to be joyful and  know that  God is the source of my strength, I can’t be weighted down trying to please and save everyone.   I declare today I am not a superhero and I choose to leave all things super to the One who is able to do the supernatural in my life, supersede in every situation , and supervise the daily decisions I must make.   Having a relationship with God gives me great joy. I can remove my superwoman cape and let go today. I won’t try to do it all, save it all, or know it all because God is able to handle it all. Now that’s what I call living on pitch.