God Cares

People often quote the saying of Maya Angelou “when people show you who they are believe them.” That’s true but one thing I know for certain is when God shows you He cares about you and (believe me He does) we should believe Him. There are so many ways I have experienced God’s caring for me both in my own sickness and in my health. God shows me how to read His word and rest in it. Can I testify a second here? God wakes up the birds so I can hear them sing. God drops food off at my door so I can share a meal with a neighbor. God sends encouragement through greeting cards in the mailbox, sent text and phone call messages through friends and family both near and far so I can be reminded of His love, and God allowed many prayer warriors to stand in gaps I thought were too big for me so I wouldn’t fall through the cracks of life. God cares for us and He has a unique way of showing us how to trust Him with everything. There is no room to doubt how much God cares for us because it doesn’t stop there. It’s daily. Our imperfect walk, repenting of our sins and our souls being revived to cry out again, go for it again, live on pitch again is what God cares about.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for caring so much and watching over us each day. Amen