So Close

Sometimes my sunshine is gone, my moonlight gets dim and my clouds hang low over my own little world. When everything and everybody seems distant, so far away, out of reach or beyond what I can see, that’s when I must remember how close God is to me. God never drifts away. He never misses a call or an appointment. He is so close that every time we start to feel alone, outcast or far away we must cling to Him like the sun,

moon, clouds and stars cling to the sky.

I encourage you today to hold on.

Music Break

Sometimes I need a break, not a coffee break but a music break.  Music is one way I relieve stress.  I get lost in songs and at times I get really caught up in lyrics. I’m in the studio between my ears.  I start to fade into a verse or chorus and slowly fade out of everyday tasks, troubles and time constraints.   It’s just me and the music as I listen intently for my cue to journey on to beautiful chords, progressions and sounds.  I may even drift away like sand but I am always paying close attention like a drummer who doesn’t miss a beat.  Each song takes me on a journey through a museum of  instruments, vocal arrangements, style and overall artistry.  I love taking music breaks.  Listening to music has always been soothing for my soul.   I thought I’d share a song I play sometimes  for stressful days and when I am in need of a break.  God is faithful and gospel artist Yolanda Adams reminds me every time she sings the song called Alwaysness.    It’s done so flawlessly.  I love her voice and this song.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   Click on the YouTube link below and enjoy a little music break.