Master Plans

I’ve been doing a lot of planning lately. It takes work making out plans for your life. We make all type of plans. Plans for our career, education, meals, vacations, birthday parties, special events and even retirement. Sometimes our plans work and sometimes they don’t. Plans can fail, they don’t go as well as expected or we miss steps in the process. We say we have good intentions. Planning takes careful consideration and time to think things through. I know you might not believe it but God has a plan just for you. He’s a Master at planning. He’s is consistent in making plans for you and He lovingly reminds of us it in scripture. Creation was planned. Salvation was planned. Redemption of man, also planned. I’m so glad that God knows something about plans. His plans are always better than mine. His plans always succeed and His plans are perfect and complete. I’m learning to trust God no matter what my plans are. I’ve learned even when our plans don’t work out, God’s plan always does.

Prayer: Lord thank you for protecting, prospering and providing for me. Thank you for including me in your plans. Amen

Mission Accomplished

Sometimes I can accomplish something and think I’m doing something real big.  My friends will often affirm it by saying things to me  like you really “killed it” or you know you “crushed it.”  Even my personal goal setting journal encourages me with a nice font saying “nailed it!” right at the bottom of each page.  The idea of getting things done got me to thinking about how God did something real big one day.  He sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die for my sins. The gift of eternal life and everlasting joy was the only goal.   He accomplished it. The work of Jesus was finished on the cross through his death, burial and resurrection.  This made me realize no matter what I accomplish, no one can kill it, crush it or nail it like Jesus can.  None of my accomplishments can ever compare to Calvary.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for loving us so much that you sent your only Son Jesus to die for our sins.  Amen

Busy Bees

busy bee

Have you ever found yourself being busy but doing nothing?  You ever been full of ideas and goals but not really accomplishing them?  I can be honest and tell you that I have.  I have come to realize spinning wheels don’t go anywhere, they just spin.  It’s time to get clear about those goals and start doing what you said you were going to do. That’s my little speech to myself today.   Life can get so busy and we end up just being busy and that’s all.  No filters here, I’m feeling a little stagnant. This is not a good feeling.  I trust God so I’m asking Him for help to accomplish certain goals.  I ask God for wisdom to go confidently in the right direction.  I’m asking God for clarity and also for a disciplined heart.  I ask God to remove my fears and doubts that surface from time to time. I am asking God for His purpose to be fulfilled in my life.  I ask God to show me the way and remove distractions.   I don’t really  want to be stuck in the same old busy place with a lot of action and no activity, no fruit, no evidence of the hand of God moving.  I must pray about this and dedicate myself to doing what is required.  I desire to live purposefully on pitch for God and to do His will.  Do you ever feel too busy or stagnant in life?  How do you get unstuck?  How do you focus to accomplish your goals?  Share your thoughts and let’s pray for each other.



Perfect Timing

I have good news today and that is, you and I will never have to wonder about timing issues with God. God never ask questions like we ask. You ever ask yourself  these questions: where did the time go? , how long will it take? How will I get it all done?” I certainly have.  I recently watched a time management video where the instructor encouraged viewers to be good stewards of the time we have.  I was inspired to do a little better and live a little wiser. God knows my time is not my time, my days are numbered and my life is in His hands. God, who is the author of time never worries about managing His time or getting it all done because He is boundless. I am constantly amazed by God’s perfect timing in my life. Just like a plane, sometimes I am delayed but when God says it’s time to take off, His plans for me are always on time and the landings are always perfect. God makes up for what I might view as lost time. The Bible says God is not slack concerning His promise in 2 Peter 3:9. I found out He is the only true manager of time.  Tell me do you see God’s timing as perfect in your life? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. 

Happy New Year 2017


Happy New Year! “This will be your year” are the words  I noticed printed on the reusable bag that was hanging on the aisle as I left the store.  I thought about that and said to myself, Lord this new year (and every year past) is your year. What will I choose to do with another year the Lord has spared?  This year, I want to grow and live wiser.  I want to be good ground.  I want to apply  wisdom and knowledge.  So I will begin this year with a focus on living wiser and on pitch.   I will not despise wisdom and instruction, I will search and seek it out.  Proverbs 2:6 (ESV) says For the Lord gives wisdom, from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.  I invite you to join me for the next few weeks as God shows me how to live wiser and purposefully on pitch through his Word.  Starting today I will #livewiser. What will you choose to do with this new year the Lord has given you?