Such A Daddy’s Girl

It’s that time of year when we celebrate fathers. We give honor to our dads and show much appreciation for their love. I thank God for my earthly father who I call daddy.  People often say we look just alike if they see us together. I hope the same is true of me and my Heavenly Father too. I want to look just like Him. I want to show signs of His character, walk like Him and talk like Him.  I want others to say she’s a daddy’s girl and she has a good Father!

Chris Tomlin sings a song I love called Good Father. It always reminds me of how much God loves and cares for me. God is a good Father and I am proud to be one of His daughters. Do you have a good Father in knowing Christ personally today? Are you a daddy’s girl? Let’s celebrate our Heavenly Father today and everyday. 


What Not To Wear

4b4b953247d99ade571b424e03a716fe c3af324eb45ebd06a3d8564f8ac3109f (2)I like fashion and style.  One of my favorite shows to watch on style  was called What Not To Wear. I enjoyed watching the transformations and education on what NOT to wear.   Have you ever had a fit over an outfit?  Clothing sure gets a lot of attention in church and sometimes we are too quick to judge by what people wear or don’t wear.  Now I will admit there have been times when I too was distracted by some extreme church attire and rushed to judge someone too harshly or too quickly.   As a corporate worshipper I am constantly reminded of the responsibility to stay focused on God and not on a pair of shoes or clothing. I learned how to dress for the occasion of worship one day when I found myself in front of a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories asking the question, what am I going to wear to church? Not even realizing the blessing of having a choice, I changed a few times after becoming frustrated.  I couldn’t find the right shoes, sleeves, or jacket that fit. I was busy making sure things weren’t too tight, too low, too short, you know covering all my basis of the “toos.” Time did not appear to be on my side but the Holy Spirit stepped in to act as my personal stylist. He showed me through scripture, just how good I looked wearing godly character in Colossians 3: 12-17. Tender mercies, kindness and humility are always in style. Meekness and longsuffering match perfectly. Bearing with one another and forgiveness comes in every color and size. Peace and love are a true fit for any occasion. I was quickly reminded of the spiritual things I needed to put on versus the material things. Getting dressed now is easier when I consider what I am to clothe myself in for worship. I no longer have fits over an outfit.  Now that’s what I call Living On Pitch.