God Cares

People often quote the saying of Maya Angelou “when people show you who they are believe them.” That’s true but one thing I know for certain is when God shows you He cares about you and (believe me He does) we should believe Him. There are so many ways I have experienced God’s caring for me both in my own sickness and in my health. God shows me how to read His word and rest in it. Can I testify a second here? God wakes up the birds so I can hear them sing. God drops food off at my door so I can share a meal with a neighbor. God sends encouragement through greeting cards in the mailbox, sent text and phone call messages through friends and family both near and far so I can be reminded of His love, and God allowed many prayer warriors to stand in gaps I thought were too big for me so I wouldn’t fall through the cracks of life. God cares for us and He has a unique way of showing us how to trust Him with everything. There is no room to doubt how much God cares for us because it doesn’t stop there. It’s daily. Our imperfect walk, repenting of our sins and our souls being revived to cry out again, go for it again, live on pitch again is what God cares about.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for caring so much and watching over us each day. Amen


Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. I am not a mom but I know how hard it is to get up and do things like cook, clean, care for, be concerned about, counsel, correct, inspire, support and love your family no matter what the day may bring. I am not a mom but I know what late night homework, science projects, practices for games and rehearsing for school plays look like. I’ve seen many mom’s do this imperfect balancing act over and over. I’ve seen mom’s give 110% and leave nothing for themselves. These mom’s are brave and special. They are unique and chosen by God to have the title of mother. To all mothers, I salute you and pray you have a beautiful Mother’s Day!


Gratitude Adjustment

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. [1 Thessalonians 5:16-18]:

I walked out of the office building from a full day of work.  I arrived at my car and drove out of the parking structure.  I felt good, really good about today’s work.  It was productive but something about the work was different.


Happy New Year

594e508258aabf6fb06c6e60b0a3a26bThe year is about to be new, and I must say THANK YOU to all who have subscribed, followed, commented or visited the Living On Pitch website.  I am excited about the start of the  new year and I look forward to providing more inspiration and words of encouragement to help you stay in tune with the Master.   I am praying for you to have a blessed and prosperous 2016. May your heart always sing and may you take joy in our King.




Making the List


This is the time of the year where I tend to make a lot of lists.  My Christmas card list, my regular to do list, goals for 2016, my holiday food shopping and entertaining list ,not to mention the hundreds of mental notes I make throughout the day.   I thought about how overwhelming life can be sometimes doing everyday tasks  and especially during the busy holiday season. I found comfort, joy and peace by making one more list.  This was no ordinary list of things to do, places to go, or people to see. It was not a prayer list or sick and shut in list. I decided to make an evidence  list.  I was reading through the Bible and noticed all kinds of lists.  There is plenty of evidence in the Bible of God’s faithfulness, goodness, compassion, mercy and love. I thought to myself,  you know there is plenty of evidence of that in your life too.  I encourage you to make the list of evidence showing how God has kept you this year, how God has supplied every need, how God was a healer, sustainer, comforter, and friend. Oh don’t think twice about it because you have plenty of evidence. Some of the things that made my list were:

Physical  evidence list

*Better eating habits and successful healthy weight loss-Evidence of God’s power(not my will power)

*Another year of working full-time -Evidence of God’s sustaining grace and mercy( many times I wanted to give up)

*Food to eat, clothing to wear and shelter-evidence of God’s love and provision( bills paid and no lacking of basic needs)

*Safe travels on 5 fights this year-evidence of God’s protection(not afraid to fly or ashamed to die in Christ)

Spiritual evidence list

*Wanting to be present and in God’s presence more (I desire to be closer to God)- evidence of God’s faithfulness

*Regular church attendance and prayer before during and after trials- evidence of God’s power (I’ve had many hard trials this year)

*Encouraging and Praying for others-evidence of God’s Sovereignty & control(Must be intentional about using God’s gifts given)

*Wanting to give more and serve more -Evidence of God’s power to change me

And the list goes on and on…..


Cutting It Straight

CIS-Slider_BlueAfter attending the Cutting It Straight 2015 Expository Preaching Conference in Jacksonville, FL I have many emotions.  I am excited, ignited and ready to serve in a more excellent way. I am fearful on one hand  though because there is no turning back.  I am better equipped so I must do better. I have no excuse. I must continue in the Word and continue to live on pitch. I am thankful for the 15 books I received on leadership, ministry and worship.  I am grateful for the people I met along the way.  I am convinced that you can’t go to a Cutting It Straight Conference and leave the same.   I sure didn’t leave the same this year and I praise God for it! You can never go wrong when you rightly divide, and rightly handle God’s word. I am grateful for Pastor H.B. Charles and his vision.  I am grateful for the Shiloh Church family and all the volunteers who prayed for us and took care of us.  I am grateful for all the Pastors and Leaders who took their time to show us a more excellent way to serve and minister the Word.  If you are able to attend next year I strongly encourage you to do so, you won’t leave the same.