Two Words

I have just two words of wisdom for today:

Dream Big

Don’t be afraid to chase after those God honoring and inspired dreams.

Now that’s what I call living on pitch!


How To Go Up in 2020

I love how the word goal starts with go! May the Lord give us wisdom today to pursue our dreams and desires!


Written Prayers

img_1193Happy New Year from Living on Pitch!  If you are reading this I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2020 New Year.

I haven’t written much last year on the blog and I’d like to write more this year.  I  like to write things down and as I get older, I need to write things down so I don’t forget.  I noticed I don’t write down a lot of prayers even with a prayer journal by my bedside.  I can make a list which is often easier to do as far as putting names on a list, writing out things to do, places to go, etc.  Writing out a shopping list, thinking over my bucket list,  and creating new things for my vision board seems much simpler that writing down a  prayer.  I am determined and encouraged though to do the things that aren’t the most convenient for me this year.  I am encouraged to write down more prayers.   I believe written prayers can be just as good as my silent or spoken prayers.  How does writing out prayers sound to you? Written prayers might help you stay focused on spending more time with God and written prayers can be read over again throughout your day to day activities.  Will you give it a try?  See if the power of prayer and the power of the pen  help you win today!

I want to offer a prayer for you today.  I  pray God blessings on your life.  I pray for your goals, dreams and heart’s desires.  I pray for focus, vision, wisdom and grace to cover you all year long.  May God’s  peace reign over you  in whatever comes your way this year.  I pray for the challenges that will change you, the things that are not seen but on their way to make you better, bolder, and build your faith in God.  May the ups and the downs cause you to be strong in the Lord.  I pray for lessons learned in both the wins and the losses.  I pray for good evenings and good mornings with God.  I pray for a new year filled with memories, laughs, and most of all love.  Amen.



Happy New Year

It’s here, time to embrace the new year of 2018. We have a brand new year to keep living on pitch. 365 more days to keep pressing on. How will you live more on pitch this year than you did last year? Will you be more prayerful, more helpful, more thankful, more hopeful, more faithful, more confident, more loving or more peaceful? Whatever you want to do more of remember your purpose. Stay focused and believe what God’s word already says in Matthew 19:26 (ESV) with man this is impossible but with God all things are possible. I’m praying to have a great start, great endurance and great victories for His glory. Now that’s what I call living on pitch.


Happy New Year 2017


Happy New Year! “This will be your year” are the words  I noticed printed on the reusable bag that was hanging on the aisle as I left the store.  I thought about that and said to myself, Lord this new year (and every year past) is your year. What will I choose to do with another year the Lord has spared?  This year, I want to grow and live wiser.  I want to be good ground.  I want to apply  wisdom and knowledge.  So I will begin this year with a focus on living wiser and on pitch.   I will not despise wisdom and instruction, I will search and seek it out.  Proverbs 2:6 (ESV) says For the Lord gives wisdom, from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.  I invite you to join me for the next few weeks as God shows me how to live wiser and purposefully on pitch through his Word.  Starting today I will #livewiser. What will you choose to do with this new year the Lord has given you?




Happy New Year

594e508258aabf6fb06c6e60b0a3a26bThe year is about to be new, and I must say THANK YOU to all who have subscribed, followed, commented or visited the Living On Pitch website.  I am excited about the start of the  new year and I look forward to providing more inspiration and words of encouragement to help you stay in tune with the Master.   I am praying for you to have a blessed and prosperous 2016. May your heart always sing and may you take joy in our King.