Change of Heart

Have you ever said these things? I want to take a vacation and go somewhere peaceful.  I want to learn new things and experience life more fully.  I want to buy a nice house and live comfortably.  I want to run my own business.  Maybe your desires are not all that tangible and physical, you just want more joy or more peace.  Maybe you desire to be satisfied on the inside versus what people can see on the outside.  I have many desires and my heart wants God to do so many things in my life.  It seems like my list of desires continues to grow like flowers in a garden.  I find myself praying long and short prayers of  “Lord fix this and that.  Lord do this and do that.”  I think I have the just ask part down to a science. but the just confess part is a whole different story.   I’ll confess that my desires are  self-centered mostly and it’s really hard to admit that.  How often do we say, but God knows my heart, as if our hearts can’t ever change.  I know God can change my heart as easy as He can change my situation.   So I don’t have to stop praying, I don’t  even  have to stop asking.  I must start confessing  as I learn to pray Lord forgive me more than I pray Lord give me.

Scripture: 1 John 1:9 (KJV) says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


Guard Duty

I recently went to my Zumba dance class at night and I noticed how this security guard walked around and kept checking things out. I saw him even encourage a few of us to keep going. I noticed how closely he stayed by our group and watched out for the group. I could tell he took pride in his job and saw how he was guarding not just out patrolling and strolling. We felt safe and a little more secure knowing the guard was doing his job.  I realized guarding my heart as the bible says in Proverbs 4 is important. It requires my focus and the ability to keep a close eye on things in life.With my eyes open, I can’t just let anything get to my heart. Guarding means paying attention to surroundings.   So today I will live wiser  by being a security guard over my heart. I will keep watch over it and guard my thoughts! How can you keep an eye on your surroundings and guard your heart today?