How I’m Living During this COVID-19 Pandemic

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My last post was about what I’m learning in this season so I thought I would continue with how I’m living as well.  Like some of you, I’m at home all day, working,  cleaning house, doing laundry and cooking my meals.   Honestly I’m enjoying this unexpected change in life.  I’m slowing down and not feeling the rush so much.  There’s no traffic therefore no rush hours.  I have plenty of time.  There’s no running to the office to make those back to back meetings and conference calls.  I only have one meeting I’m committing myself to daily which is a prayer meeting with God first thing in the morning.  I’m able to exercise my faith and my body.  I’m enjoying the natural light beaming through my windows as I begin to work on using the equipment sitting in the corner of what I’ll call my “home gym.”  I’m developing  a quick 10 minute work out routine with my balance ball, dumbbells and resistance bands. I’m trying to build up to 30 minutes a day and incorporate my stepper that’s currently being used as a mini bookshelf.  Speaking of books, I’m reading a little more too.  I’m finding ways to get a chapter or two read of all those books I purchased.   I’m literally breathing in fresh words of encouragement, hope and confidence.  I’m making room for God to speak to my heart.  I’m checking on family members, church members and friends.  There’s still plenty of  phone calls, text and e-mail to answer as we stay connected to each other.   I am shifting, not shaking in fear due to this corona virus. How we do things has changed.  How we worship, shop, eat out, visit stores, communicate among friends, display human touch and even noticing how we wash our hands has all changed.  I’m prioritizing and restructuring  my life during these changing times.  I’m cherishing each moment I have to spend time with God and honor Him in my daily living at home.  I’m listening to God’s soundtrack. God has removed some major distractions in my life so I can be still and pray.   My earthly, temporary home is comfortable now and I am comfortable sheltering in it.  My heavenly home awaits and it is a place I can only imagine how safe it is and what it really means to stay at home.  Let me know how you’re living during this pandemic and what you’re up to.  I’d love to hear from you!