What Not To Say

4a86b05d133f07ee86faa2b270403435My lips are sealed as I am reading the book Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman. It has been convicting me and blessing me at the same time.  I am trying to live purposefully on pitch for God in every area of my life and this book highlights an area I can always improve in.  There is much to be said about  the power of our words and our thoughts.  I went to Bible study and my pastor taught us about the lying tongue.  I felt like a wounded soldier on the battlefield. I realized both my heart and my mouth were in need of repair.  How do I not despair when I think about the cuts, bruises, damages caused by me and words I’ve said or thoughts I ‘ve had?  Thank God for providing healing through scriptures and wisdom through instruction.  There IS hope, there IS first aid, there IS a balm in Gilead (and in California).  To live on pitch I need to seal these lips, examine my motives, and sometimes just don’t speak at all.  What’s your favorite scripture to remind you of what not to say? How do you keep your lips sealed?