Lessons I’ve Learned

I’ve learned that it is ok to feel the pressure but it’s not ok to pressure myself. You know that feeling of wanting to get it right, get it all done, and get it all together can be overwhelming. Taking on more than we need to can be a way of putting pressure on ourselves. I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to add anything more to life’s daily to-do list. You can pace yourself through it. By pacing, I mean sometimes things will go quick and sometimes they move slower. Everything you do doesn’t have to be a sprint, a fast-action drama, a fast forward or a speed race. Clocks will keep on ticking no matter what, so think of your pace before pressuring yourself to do more than you can handle. Now that’s what I call living on pitch! What are you pressuring yourself to do or accomplish? How will you pace yourself today?


Over and Under

a sweet version of the traditional "keep calm and carry on":  When it’s difficult to get from under the load, situation or problem take time to think it over.  Talk it over with God and turn it over to Him. It’s alright to sing your song when you take the time to remember who is still on the throne.

My simple prayer today is this:  God please continue to work over my load when I feel overloaded. Grant me peace when I’m overwhelmed.  God, strengthen me when I’m just over it and help me see you as the overseer of my entire life.  God, please reign over, rule over and take over all my burdens because you are the King over all of the earth, In Jesus name Amen.

Psalm 47:6-8  (ESV) Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with a psalm.  God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.


Opting Out or In

Options are everywhere these days.  We have options as we sign up for social media accounts,  retail web sites, e-mail accounts,  points programs and rewards programs.  Businesses, non-profits, etc. all ask the same question:  Join in, Sign up, Register, Connect. We do it without thinking sometime.  We opt in to receive the best deal, the heads up, the coupons, the benefits of membership and so on.  We also opt out because we don’t want to be bombarded, flooded, reminded again, and most of all marketed to for everything they have to offer.  I am a Christian and I signed up for a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I opted in to eternal life with Christ.   I accepted the rewards, the benefits, and everything that comes with that relationship.  I have learned this relationship brings with it life lessons, rewards, struggles and pain, but  I really have the best deal with Christ.  I can not opt out of my faith walk or my relationship just because I’m tired of reading the books of the  Bible, tired of hearing sermons on forgiveness, spiritual warfare, or giving. Sometimes I  can get overwhelmed and become tired of serving, fellowships with other believers, or just tired of ministry work but that’s not a reason to opt out. I am  to remain in Christ through every challenge in spite of my feelings. God is my strength when I’m tired.   He restores my soul as I fervently pray and lay it all on the altar. There is no other option from beginning to end because the love of God is worth it all.

I love this prayer: from Dr. Tony Evans’ book, Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare

A prayer for When I Am Weary ( page 156, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness) “Father,  living in unrighteousness is so tiring.  I thank You for the refreshment of righteousness, which I wear as a breastplate against unreasonable weariness.  Thank You, God for new strength.  Forgive me for piling up my schedule with too many things-even good things.  I pray for discernment to choose not just what is good, but what is best.  Help me to do right in getting enough rest.  In Christ’s name , amen.”

Now, that’s what I call living on pitch.