Not Like This

I have good news to share today. I want you to know it won’t always be like this. I didn’t think I would be out of a job for so long or not be able to find work after being laid off. That’s my “this”. So what is your “this”? It could be homeschooling and working from home, loss of a spouse’s income, the loss of a loved one, lack of connection and human touch, experiencing financial distress, worry and increased anxiety or fear that things won’t get better. Every season is different. Winter doesn’t look like Fall and Spring doesn’t look like Summer. Can you imagine if it was still snowing in April? Or if it was extremely hot in December? We could not sit by the fireplace and enjoy our warm latte or even bear having a reason to call it “sweater weather.” Just as I go through different seasons in my life, I’m often reminded by reading the Bible that God’s promises are true and I will get through my “this”. So don’t allow what you see happening today in this season to hold you back. You can go from a Damascus road to a life changing conversion. Paul wrote many letters from prison and continued doing what he was called to do despite the circumstances. I think he knew it wouldn’t always be like this. He comforted people, wrote instructions, sent greetings and encouraged churches while he was still in chains. Now that’s what I call living on pitch.

Prayer: Lord help us keep going and keep believing, knowing it won’t always be like this.