Thoughts on Reopening

I have seen more and more businesses reopening during these pandemic times. Churches have also started bringing back portions of in person gatherings with outdoor services. While the doors of the church have always been open, one thing I noticed was some people’s Bibles were still closed. Mine was too at one point. All of a sudden I got that lazy worship going on. At the onset of the pandemic I was focused on staying connected to God, my church, friends and family. As things around me started to close and then reopen, I noticed I was just sitting back and waiting. Opening my Bible for personal prayer, devotion and study time takes some work. It’s much easier to keep the Bible closed rather than open it , seek first and search for God’s wisdom. Waiting on the right time to reopen a building or a venue is wise and should be done with precautions. I am not against that. Waiting to read, hear and study Gods word strikes me a little differently. I thought about it and realized closing my Bible and keeping it closed for too long can cause viral attacks on my spiritual health and wellness. I won’t be able to disinfect or inspect if I don’t open up God’s word. So are you waiting for approval to reopen your Bible? Friends, you don’t need it. Trust me. Are you waiting for this phase of global pandemic to end to renew your mind, grow spiritually and become more deeply rooted? There’s no need to wait any longer. Reopen your Bible and let’s stay spiritually healthy as well during this time.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Open my heart as I open your Word. Amen.