Busy Bees

busy bee

Have you ever found yourself being busy but doing nothing?  You ever been full of ideas and goals but not really accomplishing them?  I can be honest and tell you that I have.  I have come to realize spinning wheels don’t go anywhere, they just spin.  It’s time to get clear about those goals and start doing what you said you were going to do. That’s my little speech to myself today.   Life can get so busy and we end up just being busy and that’s all.  No filters here, I’m feeling a little stagnant. This is not a good feeling.  I trust God so I’m asking Him for help to accomplish certain goals.  I ask God for wisdom to go confidently in the right direction.  I’m asking God for clarity and also for a disciplined heart.  I ask God to remove my fears and doubts that surface from time to time. I am asking God for His purpose to be fulfilled in my life.  I ask God to show me the way and remove distractions.   I don’t really  want to be stuck in the same old busy place with a lot of action and no activity, no fruit, no evidence of the hand of God moving.  I must pray about this and dedicate myself to doing what is required.  I desire to live purposefully on pitch for God and to do His will.  Do you ever feel too busy or stagnant in life?  How do you get unstuck?  How do you focus to accomplish your goals?  Share your thoughts and let’s pray for each other.




Say My Name

People like to hear their name called. Recognition for a job well done at work, in church, or anywhere always feels good to have your name mentioned.  God deserves to hear His name called out by us and there is nothing wrong with saying the name Jesus. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow.   I recognize God’s name is above every name but I don’t always let Him hear me say it out loud. When was the last time you said God’s name and recognized Him for who He is?  There is something about the name Jesus, so today I choose to open my mouth and call out His name. I will  verbally acknowledge that God’s name is worthy to be praised.

Prayer: God you are everything to me.  I thank you for being a  Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace. Thank you for being an Everlasting Father, the Great I Am, the Holy One. You are my Master, Savior, Friend, and my King.  You are my Keeper, the Alpha & Omega, the Giver of Life, Jehovah, and Lord of all. You are my Healer, my strength and my song. You are my eternal Hope and I love you. Amen.



Refreshments Served


I love refreshments  served at church.  When I was a little girl growing up in church we always had some kind of refreshment in between service.  It was ginger snaps and lemonade after Sunday School and in the afternoon program services it was always cake and punch.  We would line up and wait patiently as we were served something light to help get us through the next service or to take home with us.  Now as I look back, they may not have been the healthiest of food choices but the main idea of leaving refreshed was a very healthy choice.  The story of the lame man being healed in Acts 3 is a refreshing one to me.  Peter and John had no silver or gold to give him, but they gave him Jesus Christ who was the healer.  The man’s feet and ankles were strengthened by Peter’s prayer in which he called on the name of Jesus.  God healed him and gave him refreshment, a testimony and a story to tell for the rest of his life.  In verse 19 of that same chapter in Acts, it tells us times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord.  It is only when we repent of our sins and turn to God that we experience true refreshment.  Just like the Sunday snacks or light refreshments I was served at church, being in God’s presence always helps me get through life’s journey.  Some days I feel like I’m sitting at a gate just waiting for a miracle of some sort. I want someone to come by with refreshments.  I want to be offered something more that will cause me to rise up and walk.  My feet and ankles are tired, I get weak, both physically and mentally.  I want to just sit down sometimes and do nothing. No serving, no thinking, no feeling, no dreaming and no helping or encouraging.  That’s when I know I need refreshment.  I need to pray and spend time in the presence of the Lord.  Sometimes God sends people, a text or a phone call.  Sometimes I intentionally pause and take a few moments to pray.  I  ask God to strengthen and refresh me.  Are you sitting at a gate today?  Will you allow God’s presence to  provide you with  what you need to get through it all?  I guarantee His presence will have you leaping, walking and praising His name in no time.

Prayer: Dear Lord thank you for your presence today.  There really is nothing like it.  Refresh me and renew my strength today.  Help me walk again, strengthen my feet and my ankles when I feel like I’m collapsing or sitting down too long.  I confess my sins to you, for you alone are able to make me rise up in this situation. Give me hope and strength for today, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.




Image result for proverbs 16:32

After a full weekend of history making events from the White House to my own house, I realize how quickly things can get out of control.   Today, I will live wiser by controlling my own actions.  According to Proverbs 16:32(KJV) it says he that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

Prayer: Dear Lord help me to control my thoughts, govern my actions and settle down.  Give me wisdom to trust you in everything. Amen


Wrapping It Up

Have you ever heard the words “that’s a wrap?” The year 2016 is almost a wrap. The holiday season is over, the new year is approaching. As I begin to look back and reflect on my life I wonder did I make a difference, did I give my all? Did I let things that went viral cause me to spiral? I’ve had some viral moments of internal thoughts in my head blowing things out of proportion, I’ve made mistakes and poor decisions, I’ve spoken words that I can’t take back. I’ve had some distractions and disappointed myself and others. I have had successes and failures for sure this year. I have fallen down and gotten back up. I have lived both on and off pitch.  I trust God and I know all too well that living purposefully on pitch for Him has everything to do with trusting and believing.  He is in every moment with me and still in control even when  I am spiraling out of control. To stay in tune with the Master I must keep going, keep trying, keep believing.  I pray that God will allow me another chance next year to do better and keep living purposefully on pitch because I certainly want to. How are you wrapping up the year? What are some of your takeaways? 


What’s On Your Plate?

I saw a commercial that asked a simple question to the audience of “what’s in your wallet?”  Today I have a different question for you and that is what’s on your plate? As I ate lunch I thought about how to live on pitch with so much on my plate.  I’m learning to take a few things off my plate. Specifically my worry plate has become full, but God’s word always reminds me not to worry about anything. My health issues, family concerns, job issues, personal issues and financial concerns are nothing to worry about. God will take care of me so I have nothing to fear. I have learned to pray for wisdom over worrying and use a smaller plate with compartments! The sections on the divided plate means only so much can fit in one compartment at a time, so there is no overload. I’ve learned that too many full plates can lead to empty and unsatisfied hearts. I don’t want to be so full that I’m no use to anyone. If I am too full I get stuck and can’t move or make progress.  My simple prayer is Lord, I desire to live on pitch for you on a full supply of your love, grace and mercy not full of fear, doubt or worry. Help me release and let go of things, help me to make progress. Help me not to take on too much so that I get stuck. Give me life, teach me your ways and fill me with wisdom. Amen

Now it’s your turn to answer the question, what’s on your plate? How full is it and what can you remove from it?


Wait For It


In my last post early this month, I wrote about God always answering prayer.  Well, I am a living on pitch witness today, that God still answers prayer.  I have been praying about a family matter, rather several matters, most of which have caused me to wait for answers but God answered one of my prayers recently.  I am so grateful I had to wait for it.  I’m so glad God doesn’t do spoiler alerts.  His answers to my prayers are always worth the wait. I’m giving thanks with a grateful heart.  Be encouraged and just keep praying!

Psalm 40:1 ESV  I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry.



Two Words of Encouragement

Today’s two words are ANSWERED PRAYER

God always answers prayer!   Whether it’s a yes, no, or wait God answers when we ask.  How easy is it to just ask? Well, the bible says to ask in prayer and faith believing.  I can testify because I’ve asked and God answered.  I haven’t always got the answer I thought but God always answers prayer.  Whenever I ask without doubting that He knows what’s best for me, I receive an answer that’s best for me.  Sometimes the answer is yes my  daughter, sometimes it’s no my daughter and sometimes it’s hold on and wait a minute, a month or a year my daughter.    God knows which doors to open and which ones to close.  God knows my heart and all of it’s desires.  He knows all of yours too so just ask Him believing that His answers are exactly what’s best for you.



What Are You Looking At?


Have you ever found yourself intently focused on or consumed by something?  It could be a challenging workload, a serious health concern or surgery you have to face, a job interview, a new assignment, an audition, an upcoming test,  a family matter, or a financial situation that causes you to take a hard look. 


Fully Meets

wiirocku:  littleseedletters:  Slowing down and remembering the mindset of Christ, which is humility  James 4:10 (NIV) - Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.: The two words on the form said fully meets. My performance review was done and it said I was fully meeting the goals of the department and those I set for myself.  One quick moment of rejoicing led to another moment of self-reflection and a little more of a reality check.  I began to think Lord am I fully meeting your standards?  Am I doing the kingdom work that is required of me?  I’m going to church, staying active in ministry, trying to serve others, I think I have it right but I really don’t.  I know I don’t always  measure up and I know I can do better.  My ratings on taming my tongue, procrastination and bible study alone can easily knock me down from thinking I’m something that I’m not.  Add in fasting and praying and I’m in no better position to fully meet or measure up to any spiritual standards. So I say a quick prayer and ask the Lord to help me live purposefully on pitch.  I ask Him to guide me , help me guard my mind, heart and life to fully meet what He requires.  Thank God for His grace and mercy which fully meets me at the point of my need.  The grace of God is sufficient and still amazing.  I am once again reminded that without God I can do nothing and without Him I would surely fail.

James 4:10 ESV Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you.