Preparation for Celebration

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here and I have missed my blogging time. I pray you have been living on pitch. It’s been about 30 days of preparation for a celebration, so there is no gloom in my June. I am a happy camper. Over the past month I’ve watched families and friends gather to celebrate Jr. and Sr. proms, graduations, accomplishments and the beginning of new chapters unfold.  It’s a blessing to share in so many celebrations. Preparing for the celebration isn’t that easy though. Navigating through timelines and schedules requires keeping everybody and everything on track. As I look at my life that’s all I’m doing is preparing for a celebration. I’m trying to stay on track & live on pitch. Whether it’s 30 days at a time or 30 minutes at a time, heaven is what I live for. I long to celebrate Jesus as the Lord and Savior who gave His life just for me.  Lord, prepare me is my prayer today. 

Here’s one way to prepare shown in the photo below. Now tell me how do you prepare for a celebration? 


Prep Work

prep food

It’s not always easy to do prep work in the kitchen.  Discipline is required as well as time,  knowledge and planning are crucial.  I watch several  cooking shows on TV and am always captivated by how the food is prepped before the final recipes come together on the shows.