Lessons I’ve Learned

I’ve learned that it is ok to feel the pressure but it’s not ok to pressure myself. You know that feeling of wanting to get it right, get it all done, and get it all together can be overwhelming. Taking on more than we need to can be a way of putting pressure on ourselves. I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to add anything more to life’s daily to-do list. You can pace yourself through it. By pacing, I mean sometimes things will go quick and sometimes they move slower. Everything you do doesn’t have to be a sprint, a fast-action drama, a fast forward or a speed race. Clocks will keep on ticking no matter what, so think of your pace before pressuring yourself to do more than you can handle. Now that’s what I call living on pitch! What are you pressuring yourself to do or accomplish? How will you pace yourself today?