How often do you put things away for safekeeping? I️ have a special place for all my important documents and files. My mail can get out of control and I️ have to find time to sit down, sort through it, shred and put away what’s important. I️ have another place for jewelry and other gadgets I️ like to think of as valuable. They all have their place, just like the cash in my purse or wallet and the keys to my home or car. They all have to be kept in a safe place. If I lost or misplaced any of these items I would feel awful. Have you ever thought you lost your keys or your wallet? Have you ever thought you put something in a safe place, you were certain it was put up out of harm’ s way? The feeling of losing something valuable can drive us crazy. Do you have a safe place to keep all your spiritual valuables? Your heart, mind and soul are valuable. Your life is valuable. The Bible says in Psalm 121 The Lord is our keeper. I love this scripture. I️ can put it away in my memory bank for safekeeping. It is a good reminder that we are protected, safe and secure in God. When we allow God to keep our hearts, keep our lives and our minds we can be certain we’re in a safe place.


Security Blanket

IMG_4640[1]There’s nothing like a warm blanket when it’s cold outside.  There’s nothing like being covered and protected.  When I’m feeling insecure I must remember to take cover and ask God for protection.  When I surround my anxious thoughts, fears and doubts with honest prayer, God always wakes up that confidence in me that I often let go to sleep.  He restores my soul when I’m weak, He comforts and strengthens my heart with truth and promises of love that never fails.

My prayer for my insecurities is this: Lord, secure my mind, my thoughts and my life in your blanket of love.  Cover me and protect me from evil and fear.  You are a good God and I am totally secure in You, Amen.

Hebrews 13:6 So we can confidently say, The Lord is my helper, I will not fear; what can man do to me?