Guard Duty

I recently went to my Zumba dance class at night and I noticed how this security guard walked around and kept checking things out. I saw him even encourage a few of us to keep going. I noticed how closely he stayed by our group and watched out for the group. I could tell he took pride in his job and saw how he was guarding not just out patrolling and strolling. We felt safe and a little more secure knowing the guard was doing his job.  I realized guarding my heart as the bible says in Proverbs 4 is important. It requires my focus and the ability to keep a close eye on things in life.With my eyes open, I can’t just let anything get to my heart. Guarding means paying attention to surroundings.   So today I will live wiser  by being a security guard over my heart. I will keep watch over it and guard my thoughts! How can you keep an eye on your surroundings and guard your heart today?