Busy Week

I’m glad it’s almost time for the weekend. I have had a busy week and I’m often told I am such a busy person. I realize being busy a lot has its ups and downs, which makes me think sometimes about how busy I am but God isn’t. God isn’t trying to get it all done in a week or even 24 hours. It’s already done. God isn’t trying to meet deadlines or deal with crunch time on a project like me. He is not limited by time. One day is as a thousand years to God.

God isn’t trying to make up his mind about what to do first. Priorities are never an issue. He’s the same God yesterday, today and forever.

God isn’t waiting to see what the future holds because He holds the future in His hands. I can cast all my cares on Him.

God isn’t busy being too concerned about financial freedom or watching what happens in  the stock market. He’s already invested in me. I am free because He is my Provider and the Supplier of all my needs.

God  isn’t busy saving up for rainy days. He controls both the windfall and the rainfall of my life.

God isn’t busy in the sense of how I see myself being too busy or others may see me. This daily walk with God has shown me God is busy working on me and He is always at work in my life.

One thing I’ve learned is this, God always takes care of business as He takes care of us.

No Superheroes


Today I choose to remove my cape.   You know the one I’m talking about.  The Superwoman cape.  The rescue and relief cape that says you can do it all.  I have learned to be more aware of how to experience the joy of the Lord.  If I am to be joyful and  know that  God is the source of my strength, I can’t be weighted down trying to please and save everyone.   I declare today I am not a superhero and I choose to leave all things super to the One who is able to do the supernatural in my life, supersede in every situation , and supervise the daily decisions I must make.   Having a relationship with God gives me great joy. I can remove my superwoman cape and let go today. I won’t try to do it all, save it all, or know it all because God is able to handle it all. Now that’s what I call living on pitch.

Lost & Found

img_4723This was a busy weekend for me. It was busy and beautiful at the same time which sounds a little crazy to me.  I was surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things all weekend long.  Over the weekend I discovered my love for music again.  I found myself lost in several songs, jamming to beats I heard before and some I had not heard.  I thank God for allowing me to take time to slow down and appreciate so many of the gifts all around me. Gifts of being loved and sharing God’s love, spending precious time with family, meeting new people, and watching beautiful waves crash against rocks.  There is so much beautiful music in my life and I must slow down to hear it, appreciate  it and love it.  Listening to music and singing, always lifts me so I lost the busy and found the beauty.  I discovered I must not get so busy I can’t sing a song or sing along.  My love for music  runs deep within my heart.  God’s beauty surrounds me, and I could sing of His love forever.  What song might you sing to encourage yourself in the Lord today or make someone’s day beautiful?

A Strong Warning

I’ve heard many people declare someone was acting high and mighty and were extremely  irritated by their behavior.  A high and mighty attitude will bring you low real quick.  This is not the way I want to act as a believer.  I  must be careful of not coming off as too high and mighty in my speech, my walk with God or my attitude in relating with others.  The Bible tells me the only one who is high and mighty is our God according to Psalm 89:13.  This scripture grounds me and reminds me of who God is. There is no comparison to my God who is strong, high and mighty.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me remember who you are.  Your arms are mighty and your hand is high and strong. Keep me humble and grounded where I truly belong. high-mighty

Morning by Morning

47825e8d6761f23451597b6b5c8bd056As I start to focus on this year ending I am reflecting on various things such as being a little off track.  I don’t like being off track so getting back on is always a good thing for me.  I realize sometimes I messed up. I’ve made mistakes and I felt bad because I have missed the mark completely.   I may have gotten off track, lost focus or lost my balance. Sometimes it happened at work, sometimes it was at home and other times at church.  I’ve  set spiritual goals, personal goals and life goals trying to be both purposeful and intentional.  I start off good saying I will read and study more, pray more, watch what I eat, give more, serve others more. I will  take time out for God, take time out for me, take time out for others and so forth.  Each time I ‘ve gotten off track  I learned a lesson about living on pitch.  When I am off track on the job, off track with my health and wellness, off track with my relationships I must check how I am living and how much I am giving.  I have learned  my mistakes & mess ups are all based on the issues of life.  I’ve learned a few lessons this year from the issues of life unfolding.  For me, living on pitch involves full-time commitments, devotion to God and discipline.  It doesn’t mean perfection.  It doesn’t mean I won’t ever fall off track or lose focus at times when life happens.   It just means I thank God He restores my soul.  It means I thank God for brand new mercies every morning.  It means I do not lose heart.  Now that’s what I call Living on Pitch.