Are You Working On Pause?

In April I wrote a blog post for a group I joined called Lady Boss Christians. You can check it out here. I wrote about pausing and getting rest during this season. While written primarily for women business owners it applies to all. My prayer is that you continue drawing closer to the God of peace and rest today. Some people are tired of being at home, some are afraid to get back outside, and some are working harder than they have before. Let’s remember whether we are being still or climbing hills, God is in control.


Feeling Burnt Out

When you’re experiencing burnout it does not mean you leave God out. Resting in God is better than wrestling against Him. Philippians 4 reminds us to stand firm in the Lord, rejoice in the Lord, don’t worry about anything, think and dwell on praiseworthy things, let God’s peace guard our hearts, and allow Him to strengthen us in all we do. If you’re feeling tired, burnt out and need to take a break on the job, at school, in ministry, or even on your own personal mission don’t leave God out because I’ve learned that’s when you’ll really feel the burn.

Prayer: Lord I am nothing without you. Give me strength to continue in Jesus name and for His sake. Amen