The Sweetest Memory

All it took was two simple items to jar my memory.  I was running late for church service and thought I was going to miss it.  I ended up being   just in time to be served a thin, wafer- like. piece of bread and a cup to hold in my hands.  All I needed was those two items : the cup and the  bread.  I then took a moment to reflect on the Lord’s table and was reminded of  two other  items : the nails and the cross.  All it took for me to receive the gift of salvation was represented in those two items.   Jesus chose nails and a cross just for me.  I am again reminded of Jesus’  life, death, burial and resurrection  It was such a sweet communion as I remembered God my Savior who died for my sins, was buried, resurrected and is risen.  What makes communion sweet for you?

Mission Accomplished

Sometimes I can accomplish something and think I’m doing something real big.  My friends will often affirm it by saying things to me  like you really “killed it” or you know you “crushed it.”  Even my personal goal setting journal encourages me with a nice font saying “nailed it!” right at the bottom of each page.  The idea of getting things done got me to thinking about how God did something real big one day.  He sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die for my sins. The gift of eternal life and everlasting joy was the only goal.   He accomplished it. The work of Jesus was finished on the cross through his death, burial and resurrection.  This made me realize no matter what I accomplish, no one can kill it, crush it or nail it like Jesus can.  None of my accomplishments can ever compare to Calvary.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for loving us so much that you sent your only Son Jesus to die for our sins.  Amen