Lessons I’ve Learned

I’ve learned that it is ok to feel the pressure but it’s not ok to pressure myself. You know that feeling of wanting to get it right, get it all done, and get it all together can be overwhelming. Taking on more than we need to can be a way of putting pressure on ourselves. I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to add anything more to life’s daily to-do list. You can pace yourself through it. By pacing, I mean sometimes things will go quick and sometimes they move slower. Everything you do doesn’t have to be a sprint, a fast-action drama, a fast forward or a speed race. Clocks will keep on ticking no matter what, so think of your pace before pressuring yourself to do more than you can handle. Now that’s what I call living on pitch! What are you pressuring yourself to do or accomplish? How will you pace yourself today?


Surrendering Thoughts and Prayers

My thoughts have been going sort of like this, I’ll have multiple “Lord have mercies” in one day and a whole lot of “Lord help” the next. This week has been extremely tough and it’s not quite over. I had to stop and just ask God’s help. Have you ever had to do that? Just stop. Ask God. Help Lord. Our help will surely come. I am a witness to it. When things are off pitch in your life just stop and ask God for help. We must learn to obey the stop signs in life and sometimes it can be hard to recognize them. Crazy situations and conversations, chaos and short fuses are all stop signs for me. I’m learning to ask God for help. I am sharing a portion of my personal prayer this week. I am sure God will hear us when we reach out and surrender all.

Lord help me surrender to you when everything seems to be going wrong and it looks like nothing is working out. Help me surrender to you when life gets busy and there’s not enough time to do the important tasks. Help me surrender to you when things and people just don’t make sense. Help me surrender to you when trouble comes, when the news is not good, grief strikes and fear stops me in my tracks. Help me surrender to you when I don’t understand how I’m going to make it through another week or another day. Lord help. I am confident that You Lord are my help.

The next time things start spinning around out of control just stop and ask God for help. He’s sure to be a very present help in your time of need.


Over and Under

a sweet version of the traditional "keep calm and carry on":  When it’s difficult to get from under the load, situation or problem take time to think it over.  Talk it over with God and turn it over to Him. It’s alright to sing your song when you take the time to remember who is still on the throne.

My simple prayer today is this:  God please continue to work over my load when I feel overloaded. Grant me peace when I’m overwhelmed.  God, strengthen me when I’m just over it and help me see you as the overseer of my entire life.  God, please reign over, rule over and take over all my burdens because you are the King over all of the earth, In Jesus name Amen.

Psalm 47:6-8  (ESV) Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with a psalm.  God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.


Music Break

Sometimes I need a break, not a coffee break but a music break.  Music is one way I relieve stress.  I get lost in songs and at times I get really caught up in lyrics. I’m in the studio between my ears.  I start to fade into a verse or chorus and slowly fade out of everyday tasks, troubles and time constraints.   It’s just me and the music as I listen intently for my cue to journey on to beautiful chords, progressions and sounds.  I may even drift away like sand but I am always paying close attention like a drummer who doesn’t miss a beat.  Each song takes me on a journey through a museum of  instruments, vocal arrangements, style and overall artistry.  I love taking music breaks.  Listening to music has always been soothing for my soul.   I thought I’d share a song I play sometimes  for stressful days and when I am in need of a break.  God is faithful and gospel artist Yolanda Adams reminds me every time she sings the song called Alwaysness.    It’s done so flawlessly.  I love her voice and this song.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   Click on the YouTube link below and enjoy a little music break.