Every time I spend more time with God, He grants me more time in the day, more time to get things done and more time to rest instead of rush. Do you know who watches your clock? It’s God who sets the order of the day. The One who controls the time is the One to spend the most time with. Ask yourself “how much time do I have?” and you will find various answers to that question depending on schedules. Maybe you’re rushing to get a report done, to pick up family members, or get to an appointment on time. Why not slow down and ask God the same question? I’m sure He has all the time in the world.

Hours, Minutes, Seconds

music note clockI’m learning that the time I have here on this earth really matters when it comes to staying in tune with God.  Every hour, minute and second counts.  Time is filled with swift transition as I commit to living for God.  Whether I’m  attending Sunday School class, prayer meetings, or  a mid-week Bible study, time is of the essence.  The world needs to know Jesus is love, Jesus saves to the utmost, and He is more than enough.   This week I learned that my discipleship hour is really discipleship 360.  I must deny myself daily.  I must  not waste time. I must save time, make time, and most of all spend time with God.     I like to use a plus and minus rule of deducting time from something else to add more time to being with God.  Start by simply adding 30 seconds more and build up to 30 minutes more.  Let’s  make every second count!  How could you devote more time to be with God?