Do You Know Who Are You Talking To?

Have you ever felt angry or upset with God?  Have you ever felt like God didn’t  understand  what you were going through?  You pick up the phone and call a friend, then you proceed to tell them all about it. You forget to even check your knee mail because you’re so upset and overwhelmed.  You don’t realize you have tons of messages waiting.  Everybody can tell something’s wrong. Your joy has been cooked rare and your peace is medium rare. You really want a well done life. Life can be rough, turns can take twist and things can get a little crazy but God fully understands our feelings, frustrations and He knows exactly what we are going through. As we are quick to talk to others about our feelings or frustrations, it’s important to remind ourselves to talk to God about everything. God speaks your language and understands your emotions so why not talk to Him? God hears. God listens.  Only God can say well done good and faithful servant.  Trust Him today and do not doubt, then you’ll be able to say it is well with my soul.

Psalm 17:6 I have called upon You, for You will answer me, O God; Incline Your ear to me, hear my speech. 

Busy Bees

busy bee

Have you ever found yourself being busy but doing nothing?  You ever been full of ideas and goals but not really accomplishing them?  I can be honest and tell you that I have.  I have come to realize spinning wheels don’t go anywhere, they just spin.  It’s time to get clear about those goals and start doing what you said you were going to do. That’s my little speech to myself today.   Life can get so busy and we end up just being busy and that’s all.  No filters here, I’m feeling a little stagnant. This is not a good feeling.  I trust God so I’m asking Him for help to accomplish certain goals.  I ask God for wisdom to go confidently in the right direction.  I’m asking God for clarity and also for a disciplined heart.  I ask God to remove my fears and doubts that surface from time to time. I am asking God for His purpose to be fulfilled in my life.  I ask God to show me the way and remove distractions.   I don’t really  want to be stuck in the same old busy place with a lot of action and no activity, no fruit, no evidence of the hand of God moving.  I must pray about this and dedicate myself to doing what is required.  I desire to live purposefully on pitch for God and to do His will.  Do you ever feel too busy or stagnant in life?  How do you get unstuck?  How do you focus to accomplish your goals?  Share your thoughts and let’s pray for each other.



I Can’t See

I need to have my eyes checked.  I can’t see.  The problem with my eyes starts with me.  I was recently  speaking to a family member  about truth and reality.  We spoke candidly about what we saw in a situation near and dear to us and how we saw things differently.  In my conversation we both learned we can’t see too good and were in need of a spiritual eye exam. It was a reminder to beware of calling things like we see them.  Have you ever said,” I just call it like I see it?”  I thought about this and how God sees everything and knows everything. God sees far beyond what you and I can see.  Do you see the problem with our eyesight?  We say I don’t see it or I can’t see it, I can’t see how…. but the reality is we don’t see as well as God sees. I learned when my eyesight is faulty it affects my faith.  I  can say  I just call it like I see it but only God can see it before I call it.  The Bible reminds me that my “I’s” need examination frequently. Am I looking at this through the eyes of faith? The Bible says in Hebrews 11 that it’s not about things we can see.  It’s about what is not seen. As a  believer I must let faith be my guide.   It doesn’t matter what our situations look like we must remember that God sees and knows everything.  When we can’t see how we are going to make it through our current situation and things may not look good to us,  we must trust in God who sees and knows exactly what’s best for us.


It’s All God

71b07f1a8ee690ee43f911f1e7c6fdb5About a year ago, I  went to the doctor for a specific health issue.  I had to have a minor surgical procedure as a result and thought everything would be just fine, so I thought.  The doctor told me I had to be put on medication right away because I had another issue going on.  It was a bad combination of D words that kept playing over in my mind.  I heard the diagnosis,  had to change my diet, felt devastated and depressed then the came the big one…diabetes.  It was a shock to hear I had an illness.  I had to lose weight. I  had to face the truth and deal with this new reality.  I worked hard to become more educated, eat right and started to incorporate  more exercise in my life.  I am no longer depressed about it and I have good and bad days but I remain focused on living a healthier lifestyle.  I learned a lesson through this diagnosis.  It led me to make a decision to trust God to see me through every challenge I face.  I, of course had to do some things differently  but God didn’t.  He was already doing the same thing.  God was still being God.  God was still in control so I knew I could trust Him to be unchanging and unfailing. It’s a daily decision to trust Him with my health issues and my actions.  God knows the plan and the purpose so I must trust it’s all working out for my good.

Battling It Out

Desktop or ready-to-hang plaque that is a reminder of God's faithfulness to us when we follow His strategy for living. • War Room Gift by Carpentree: The battle between always and sometimes. Have you ever been there fighting against yourself on the battlefield for God? One thing I’ve learned on this battlefield is that God’s always is better than my sometimes. When it comes to working and serving I have sometimes ways and thoughts.  Sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down. Sometimes I’m present other times I not around, sometimes I feel like it and other times I don’t.  Sometimes I’m early and sometimes I’m late.  Sometimes I commit, other times I want to quit. But God is not like me.  He is better than my sometimes.  God is ALWAYS there, God is ALWAYS available, God is ALWAYS with me and God is ALWAYS on time.  God is ALWAYS faithful and able.  I’ve learned to stay on the battlefield and serve the Lord not because it’s easy and certainly not because of my sometimes attitude or ways but because of God’s unfailing love and His great faithfulness. We can overcome and win the battle by trusting God ALWAYS. Now that’s what I call Living on Pitch.

Crowd Control

hand background

hand background

Leading worship corporately shouldn’t have to be about controlling the crowds or the atmosphere. Once we focus on crowd pleasing and cheerleading we’ve lost focus on God being in control.  Sometimes you have to block out all the noise and trust God’s presence is always near.