Heart Conditions

I found out recently I had a heart condition and I didn’t have to go the doctor to be diagnosed.  I noticed some of the symptoms early on that started to weigh me down.   Symptoms of fear, loneliness, hatred and sometimes vengefulness would creep into my heart.  Most of the time they came from interactions or frustrations with people at work, friends and family members who were experiencing life at their own pace.  I noticed their lives like mine, were full of ups and downs.  We all rode the same roller coaster of joy and pain.  I encountered many situations where my heart felt like it was not built to handle what was pumping in and out of it.  I don’t like having a hard heart, a troubled heart, lonely heart or an unforgiving heart.  These conditions cause much pain if not treated properly.  One day, I asked God to work on my heart. I asked for a clean and pure heart.  I studied the Word of God and found there was so much God had to say about the conditions of  the heart.  I was relieved to know my heart issues were not life threatening.  I could live better with a heart that was spiritually fit and began doing a heart check up on a regular basis.  I started with prayer and one scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.”  Why not ask God to speak to your heart today?

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