Dancing Like David

I am not a great dancer. I have never claimed to be but I sure do like to move to music.  Sometimes I wonder how David danced when he danced out of his clothes.  I was learning salsa dance steps recently and my feet weren’t exactly going in the right direction at first.  I kept moving to the music though.  I thank God for my partner who guided my steps, led me around and gave me instructions along the way.  We didn’t stop and I eventually forgot all about my feet and what they were or were not doing.  I was dancing like the instructor and then started dancing just like my partner.  It was a wonderful experience.    I concentrated on the music and started thinking about how good it felt to be there in that moment.  I can only imagine that’s what David was doing when he was dancing.  He wasn’t worried about who saw him, what he looked like or what his feet were doing. He was focused and concentrating on God, the instructor who guided his steps and led him around.  He was connected and engaged in a full concert of unrestricted praise.  So a little bit of salsa dancing has taught me a whole lot. I’m learning to dance like David even when I’m not sure of all my steps. I have an instructor and a partner  to lead and guide me through every turn.  I’ll be praising God for every step He’s ordered, every breath I breathe and for everything He’s allowed. Here’s a song by Fred Hammond that I’ve always loved. Now, Let’s dance!

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