A Who Knew Praise


Oh magnify the Lord with me, for He is worthy to be praised! Does any one  have a who knew praise?

Who knew that trials would come to make me strong? God knew.

Who knew things happening this way would cause me to pray?  God knew.

Who knew that tragedy would be commonplace? God knew.

Who knew that when it all fell apart I  would simply trust His heart? God knew.

Who knew the road would be rough and the going would get tough? God knew.

Who knew that storms would come but joy would follow after the rain? God knew.

Who knew I might cry because I didn’t really understand why? God knew.

Who knew tears and fears would cause sleepless nights? God knew.

Who knew trusting God would bring sweet peace and rest? God knew.

Who knew that every tear would be wiped away as I went through my test? God knew.

Who knew even in the beginning the earth was dark and needed some light? God knew.

Who knew that I would finish strong if I just kept holding on? God knew.

Who knew that God would guard my heart and my mind?    God knew.

Who knew in the midnight hour things would turn around? God knew.

Who knew what was meant for evil would be used for good?  God knew.

Now here’s something I want you to know, God knows it all. There is nothing God is unaware of. You can stay living on pitch knowing God is in control and He knows what you’re going through. God understands and He loves you.

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