Demo Tracks

2d350c3e0be955b7054c8b1041c43ea4I recently searched online for some demo or accompaniment tracks to add to my music library like the one shown in the picture above by Soulful Sounds.  My music library is full of CD’s by favorite artists.  I hold on to music that inspires me so I can listen to and sing the songs I love over and over.   I was also recently  inspired and encouraged after listening to two great sermons from the book of Hebrews while at church this past week.  I discovered I need to keep some scripture to accompany me in this Christian walk.  I constantly need examples of how to live purposefully on pitch.  I need truth based demo tracks on faith, love , wisdom, peace, grace, forgiveness and being a faithful servant.  I need the Word of God in the original key, especially during those times when my life is played out in higher and/or lower keys.   I also need  guidance while I’m walking the Christian walk.  The guidance of careful demonstration that shows me I can get through situations with or without the background vocals.  What scriptures do you use for your demo tracks? How many resources are in your spiritual library?

Prayer: Lord, help me to stay in tune with you, my Master and allow your Holy Spirit to accompany me, teach me and demonstrate perfect examples of how to live on pitch.

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