Not Too Big

Do you ever think of just how big our God is?  God is bigger, greater, mightier, stronger, deeper than anything or anyone. He is larger than extra-large, more than super size, and completely God alone.  I like to think big but sometimes I forget how to do that when it comes to God and my situations, problems or circumstances.  I think extra small, mini and bite size about a big God. I start to think small and talk small too, like there is no one to talk to,  no one hears or understands what I may be going through.  I’ve learned  when rejection hurts and the pain is real, I must talk to God about it because only He can heal.  No matter if it’s something big or small , God loves it when I talk to Him. I thank God for His big ears, big hands and  big heart.  I am better because God is not too big.   I don’t ever have to wonder if He is the right size for my current situation.




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