Making the List


This is the time of the year where I tend to make a lot of lists.  My Christmas card list, my regular to do list, goals for 2016, my holiday food shopping and entertaining list ,not to mention the hundreds of mental notes I make throughout the day.   I thought about how overwhelming life can be sometimes doing everyday tasks  and especially during the busy holiday season. I found comfort, joy and peace by making one more list.  This was no ordinary list of things to do, places to go, or people to see. It was not a prayer list or sick and shut in list. I decided to make an evidence  list.  I was reading through the Bible and noticed all kinds of lists.  There is plenty of evidence in the Bible of God’s faithfulness, goodness, compassion, mercy and love. I thought to myself,  you know there is plenty of evidence of that in your life too.  I encourage you to make the list of evidence showing how God has kept you this year, how God has supplied every need, how God was a healer, sustainer, comforter, and friend. Oh don’t think twice about it because you have plenty of evidence. Some of the things that made my list were:

Physical  evidence list

*Better eating habits and successful healthy weight loss-Evidence of God’s power(not my will power)

*Another year of working full-time -Evidence of God’s sustaining grace and mercy( many times I wanted to give up)

*Food to eat, clothing to wear and shelter-evidence of God’s love and provision( bills paid and no lacking of basic needs)

*Safe travels on 5 fights this year-evidence of God’s protection(not afraid to fly or ashamed to die in Christ)

Spiritual evidence list

*Wanting to be present and in God’s presence more (I desire to be closer to God)- evidence of God’s faithfulness

*Regular church attendance and prayer before during and after trials- evidence of God’s power (I’ve had many hard trials this year)

*Encouraging and Praying for others-evidence of God’s Sovereignty & control(Must be intentional about using God’s gifts given)

*Wanting to give more and serve more -Evidence of God’s power to change me

And the list goes on and on…..

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