3 Ways to do R&B

ASKSEEKKNOCKIt’s a new year and I am excited to begin it with a fresh start. My fresh start begins with a little R&B.Perhaps you’re thinking  I really mean R&R (rest and relaxation), which I could always use more of, but that’s not the case.   I am not talking about a music genre here either.  I’m talking about living intentionally and purposefully to stay in tune with the Master.  My intent is to do more R&B(Reading and Believing). Oftentimes I read the Bible and don’t believe all it says.  I am guilty.   I’ll  admit, sometimes I  even have difficulty reading it all, with being so busy.  However, the Bible IS still God’s word.  This is my lifeline and I  should never be too busy to spend time with God. Thanks be to God for Luke 11:9-10 which helped me learn how to do more R& B through prayer.  It’s as simple as asking, seeking and knocking.

Here are my 3 ways to do more R&B.

  1. When God speaks, I listen.
  2. When God shows me, I  acknowledge and recognize Him.
  3. When God says it, I believe it.

My Prayer:

Lord help me open my heart and surrender all to you. Help me to read and believe your Word.  Help me to hear your voice speaking, recognize your hands working and believe everything You’ve said.


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