I’m Thirsty


I’ve been participating in our church wide Daniel fast.  I’ve prepared my fruit and veggies, my daily prayer time and reading of Scripture but I was not quite prepared to drink so much water!  I have done the Daniel fast before and never thought much about water being the only beverage. I do realize how important the intake of water is to healthy living.  I also discovered I need to drink more water, but more than that I need living  water to stay on pitch. I am thirsty for the Word of God to dwell richly in me and to know Christ better.

I’m drinking eight glasses of water for good health and receiving much refreshment from the living water starting with:

8 ounces of Colossians 1:15-20 – Christ is preeminent and Lord of all

8 ounces of Colossians 2: 9-14 There’s no need for legalism, Christ paid it all

8 ounces of Colossians 3 :11-17-  having the love of Christ bears all

Are you getting enough Living water? Stay hydrated and refreshed in the Word of God.

Prayer: Lord prepare me to be a living sanctuary, fill my cup to overflow with love, and satisfy my thirst for more of You.



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