Music Break

Sometimes I need a break, not a coffee break but a music break.  Music is one way I relieve stress.  I get lost in songs and at times I get really caught up in lyrics. I’m in the studio between my ears.  I start to fade into a verse or chorus and slowly fade out of everyday tasks, troubles and time constraints.   It’s just me and the music as I listen intently for my cue to journey on to beautiful chords, progressions and sounds.  I may even drift away like sand but I am always paying close attention like a drummer who doesn’t miss a beat.  Each song takes me on a journey through a museum of  instruments, vocal arrangements, style and overall artistry.  I love taking music breaks.  Listening to music has always been soothing for my soul.   I thought I’d share a song I play sometimes  for stressful days and when I am in need of a break.  God is faithful and gospel artist Yolanda Adams reminds me every time she sings the song called Alwaysness.    It’s done so flawlessly.  I love her voice and this song.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   Click on the YouTube link below and enjoy a little music break.

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