Meatless & Fruitless

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I am trying to  live a more healthier, balanced life these days.  Portion control, meal prep, exercise and changing eating habits are becoming part of my new normal routine .  I’ve noticed that many healthy eating habits and tips articles I’ve read suggest we eat more fruit and vegetables and cut out certain meat from our diet.  I agree we should all try to live healthy lifestyles and make good sensible choices with our nutrition, but when it comes to spiritual nutrition I can’t be meatless and fruitless.  I’ve asked the Lord for His help with my spiritual growth and daily living.  This does not happen by cutting out the meat and the ignoring the opportunities to bear good fruit.  I can only pray for wisdom to balance the two.

I wrote out a prayer for myself for meatless Mondays: Lord help me not to be meatless when it comes to reading and studying your Word. Help me to desire more than milk, to digest it fully and never lose sight of  being hungry for your Word.  Allow my appetite to be fully satisfied just to do Your will and live on pitch today. Lord help me to be fruitful instead of fruitless when it comes to being a hearer and doer of  your Word.  Amen

Matthew 7:15-20

James 1:22

Galatians 5:16-23

2 Timothy 2:1-7




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