Over and Under

a sweet version of the traditional "keep calm and carry on":  When it’s difficult to get from under the load, situation or problem take time to think it over.  Talk it over with God and turn it over to Him. It’s alright to sing your song when you take the time to remember who is still on the throne.

My simple prayer today is this:  God please continue to work over my load when I feel overloaded. Grant me peace when I’m overwhelmed.  God, strengthen me when I’m just over it and help me see you as the overseer of my entire life.  God, please reign over, rule over and take over all my burdens because you are the King over all of the earth, In Jesus name Amen.

Psalm 47:6-8  (ESV) Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with a psalm.  God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.

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