It’s Too Late for Happy Hour

Psalm 121:1-2:  If you’re like me sometime I think it’s too late. I may feel like I’ve  made a mistake and it’s too late to correct it.  I want to start over, get things right with God, but I think it’s just too late.  I may think it’s just too late to ask for help, too late to give it another try to ask for forgiveness, or too late to change my eating habits or diet.  I may think it’s too late to change my attitude because for some reason I’m just “set in my ways” now.  As I read and study God’s word, I’ve learned to rethink this matter of it being too late to answer God’s call or finish my assignments.  This is God’s business and He works late too.  I have 24 hour access to Him.   He’s ready, willing and able to help me.  Even if I have short-term memory and start thinking it’s too late for God to turn a situation around, clean me up, and make me right I am reminded over and over in Scripture that it’s never too late. Never.  The Bible says in Psalm 121 that the Lord is my Helper, and He never sleeps or slumbers. That means God is able to meet me at the point of my need no matter what the situation looks like. The Lord is my Keeper and that’s good news. I’m talking happy hour good.  So even when it’s late in the midnight hour, God can turn things around. One door closed, He can open another one. When I’m feeling doubt, disappointment, brokenhearted, alone and overwhelmed, God shows me evidence of His power through His unconditional and unfailing love. I have found Him to be a  Comforter, Sustainer and Friend especially when I think it’s just too late.  He makes me happy and restores my soul.  I begin to realize it’s never too late or too early for happy hour with God.  I don’t have to worry or despair because He works well into overtime in the too late seasons of my life.



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My kind of happy hour. I’ll have some of that! Glory be to the Father for never leaving and forsaking us sis. Again. Thank you for this lovely reminder they’re always so yummy and right on time. Umm Umm good!
#Loveprayerpraisegratitudeandthanksgiving ❤

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