Which Way


I found myself saying we’re going to do this my way as I sat down to work on a project with friends.  My way was ok but it wasn’t the only way.   When I stopped to listen to others and look at the project in a different way it became clear that my way wasn’t exactly the right way.  I learned a good lesson that day.  I learned that whenever I say it’s my way or the highway, that it is never God’s way.   The Bible says love does not insist on its own way.   Which way have you been going?


3 comments on “Which Way

  1. Very nice Lori. Turn to page 110 in the book “She Is Love” that’s my response. Enjoy! And thank you so much for your truth and inspiration.

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  2. stineharv says:

    Yes, that’s right!

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  3. TaVon says:

    Good one to ponder…


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