What’s On Your Plate?

I saw a commercial that asked a simple question to the audience of “what’s in your wallet?”  Today I have a different question for you and that is what’s on your plate? As I ate lunch I thought about how to live on pitch with so much on my plate.  I’m learning to take a few things off my plate. Specifically my worry plate has become full, but God’s word always reminds me not to worry about anything. My health issues, family concerns, job issues, personal issues and financial concerns are nothing to worry about. God will take care of me so I have nothing to fear. I have learned to pray for wisdom over worrying and use a smaller plate with compartments! The sections on the divided plate means only so much can fit in one compartment at a time, so there is no overload. I’ve learned that too many full plates can lead to empty and unsatisfied hearts. I don’t want to be so full that I’m no use to anyone. If I am too full I get stuck and can’t move or make progress.  My simple prayer is Lord, I desire to live on pitch for you on a full supply of your love, grace and mercy not full of fear, doubt or worry. Help me release and let go of things, help me to make progress. Help me not to take on too much so that I get stuck. Give me life, teach me your ways and fill me with wisdom. Amen

Now it’s your turn to answer the question, what’s on your plate? How full is it and what can you remove from it?

4 replies on “What’s On Your Plate?”

Yes! There she goes! This one! What can I say, you’ve already said it. Thank you for the reminder and inspiration. The Lord is always speaking and teaching, if we listen we will hear his voice in the mist of all of our uncertainty. Praise the Lord! Amen


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