Please vs Thank You

Good manners are hard to find these days. Sometime people display them by gestures and other times by the words they speak. Some common signs of good manners I have always been taught were to use the words please and thank you.  I noticed the Bible doesn’t necessarily focus on the word please as much as it does on thank you.  God’s word commands us to give thanks always. It pleases God when we say thank you to Him just for being God. It pleases God when we acknowledge how good He is and how great His name is. It pleases God more when give thanks in everything rather than saying please God get me out of this or please God, let me just win the lottery. Have you ever prayed like that?  I know I haven’t told God thank you enough in my prayers.  I am guilty of having too many “please God”prayers that are focused on me and my personal issues or needs. I read Psalm 119:28-29 and it reminded me to give thanks so today, I will start living wiser by being more thankful. I thank God for wisdom to say the words thank you Lord in everything, because in Him I have everything I need.  Now that’s what I call living on pitch. When it comes to good manners which do you prefer, people to say please or thank you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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I prefer for people to say “thank you”. I can overlook a missed “please” but a forsaken “thank you” just seems rude. Yet, when I feel offended in this way, I think about how often I forget or neglect to say “thank you” to God 😦 Thanks for this reminder.

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I appreciate both. Because, please is an expression of appreciation for a request being fulfilled, and an appreciation for the existence of others. And thank you is an expression of gratitude for so many things in our everyday life we should consider being thankful for.
In every way possible thankfulness is an everyday manner to be considered for the gift of life, and the daily blesses God gives even when we do not ask, or deserve.
When we say please and thank you for the things others do for us, or with us, we must remember, God orchestrated the purpose and the experience granted for which we ought to remember to please him in every way, and saying please and or thank you is respectfully honoring to God.

Thank you for allowing your visitors participation. 🙂

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