Singing Out Loud


I love to watch the show The Voice. I especially like the segments where the coaches help the singers and encourage them to use everything in them to perform their song on stage.  We sing a song at church that says I will bless the Lord ,oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name.  When I think about all that is within me, that means everything inside of this forty-something soul.  My joy has to bless His name, my sorrow has to bless His name, my heart and my mind have to bless His name. I may not be on stage performing but I am going to sing out loud because God has done so many great things. How loud are you singing the song God placed in your heart? Let all that is within you give God praise today.

One reply on “Singing Out Loud”

Tuesday and today, I woke up with the song “Made A Way.” It just kept designating in my heart and spirit (still is). I heard the words before uttering a sound. Then it happened… what was within bursted out in singing praises to His name!
You’re right, that’s living on pitch! Love the write up :)!


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