Going Somewhere

Recently I spent time away at a lovely resort.  The grounds were perfectly landscaped, lots of cars were being valet parked by attendants, people were relaxing and playing golf, taking dips in the various pools, enjoying spa treatments and casually strolling through the shops in the plaza.  I could tell it was a very nice place to relax and I imagined many would  think of this place as heaven.  I  sat still and thought about heaven as I listened to the birds singing and felt the breeze blowing  through my room’s windows. Heaven is not a resort I thought.  While the property was  beautiful, large and well kept, it was not heaven.  There are no resort fees in heaven, no taxes and no self or valet parking options. This resort did not even compare to heaven.  While I enjoyed the amenities and took time to relax, I think heaven is a much better place  than any resort I could get away to.   I look forward to going to heaven to jump in a pool of praise and adoration to the King of King’s and Lord of Lords.   It’s what I live for. Don’t you want to go?


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